BBS Weekly Roundup (10/2)


Weekly Roundup-October 2nd 2019 will be publishing Weekly Roundup articles on a regular basis, and each piece will include coverage on a range of topics that span from the NFL to College Football.


Topics of discussion for this week:

  1. What happens with Gardner Minshew when Nick Foles returns from Injury?

  2. How many QBs could go in the first round of the 2019 draft?


What happens with Gardner Minshew when Nick Foles returns from Injury?


Nick Foles is able to return from Injured Reserve during week 11 vs the Colts after suffering a shoulder injury vs Kansas City. He had a couple impressive throws vs the Chiefs week one and is functioning on an expensive contract, but the former Super Bowl MVP now has a challenger in Jacksonville’s Quarterback room. This offseason, the former Eagle was signed to a four-year, $ 88 million dollar deal and was envisioned as the answer to the franchises Quarterback issue. However, that hope was sidelined when Foles’ injury versus Kansas City would pave the way for Gardnew Minshew to take the reigns.

 The rookie Minshew has a two-game winning streak coming into his week five matchup versus the Panthers.  The Jaguars have downed both the Titans and Broncos under Minshew’s leadership, and so far it is looking like Jacksonville’s scouting staff hit big time on the former Washington State Quarterback. His play so far has been highlighted by a pocket presence that is beyond his level as a rookie, as well as impressive blends of both processing and accuracy. Minshew’s presence has equated to a substantial amount of energy that has energized the fan base, players, and coaches. Gardner Minshew’s overall body of work thus far has proven him to be a sizable late round steal.

The best way to go when Foles returns is to lean on the hot hand. If Minshew is still balling out on the field and puts the team in the best position to win, then he has to be the starter. The goal here is to win games and make a push for the playoffs, so that has to be at the forefront of Jacksonville’s decision makers minds. If we start to see some struggles from Minshew and the team puts some bad losses together, then the coaching staff has to consider starting Foles after he comes back from injury.

The combination of having both Foles and Minshew sets the Jaguars up for long term security at the position as well as depth, and allows them to key their focus in on finding a concrete HC option and acquiring their identity on the rest of their team. At this moment, I see Minshew as a player with a long-term skillset, and it would not be surprising if he replaced Foles as the starter once the $ 88 million dollar man returns.



 How many QB’s could go in the first round of the 2019 draft?

Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jake Fromm, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Jacob Eason, and Jordan Love. All seven of those big time 2020 NFL Draft QB prospects have received first round hype, and quite honestly, they all have some traits that subject them to first round consideration. Tagovailoa and Herbert are my top two prospects at the position by a wide margin, and I see their range of skills as highly translatable to the next level.

With Tua, teams are getting a complete passer with adept processing, accuracy, instincts, and movement skills. 

Herbert has flashes of being the best QB prospect in this class due to his toolbox and the excellently placed throws that he can make.

Once we get out of the top two, we get a group of passers that I have tightly ranked (this is in no specific order after Tua and Herbert). Jake Fromm is more of an accurate game manager who can step in and help a team win games right off the bat.

 Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts are two fast risers over the first weeks of the CFB season. Both provide pro passer traits, but need to show that they can perform at a high level vs elite defensive talent.

Lastly, we have two prospects who are brimming with tools. Jordan Love has had some bursts of exciting play, but needs to keep the ball protected from the defense on a more consistent basis (Wake Forest game). The other is Jacob Eason, who transferred to Washington from Georgia and has kept his title as a big, rocket arm QB.

I know that there is seven QB’s that COULD get into round one, but how many that will exactly make a push into the top 32 is a huge question. At this point, I will project that we see five of the previously mentioned QB Prospects drafted on the first night.

Taylor Moser