Is Marquise Brown The Next DeSean Jackson?

Picture Credit:  Juan Lainez/Marinmedia

Picture Credit: Juan Lainez/Marinmedia

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is the most dynamic playmaker in this draft class and will provide an added element of versatility and athleticism to an offense that wants to follow the mold laid out in Kansas City. His potential is off the charts and he compares favorably to current Buccaneers WR, DeSean Jackson, due to his size and play style. DJax and Hollywood have similar athletic traits and are explosive movers with fluidity that flows through their hips when they change direction. Each of the two versatile WRs are explosive catch and go threats who are dangerous in many formations. Both pass catchers are versed in tracking the ball over their shoulder and adjusting their body weight to get into position at the catch point. Even though each of the receivers are undersized when in comparison to other players at their position, they have quality extension skills to reach out and make plays on the ball away from their frames. Each of their tool boxes contain subtleties as route runners and they can focus on the small details such as sinking into their breaks, eluding in their stem, firing their feet, and using lateral moves to separate vs press at the line of scrimmage. Both of these players’ best reps come from taking the top of the defense with their vertical speed and making plays off of created touches.

Because of what he adds to the offense, NFL defensive staffs will have to shift overages to Hollywood’s side in order to take away part of his ability to stretch the field. Brown’s biggest issue is his lacking ability to finish on the ball at a contested catch point. The small amount of girth supplied to his frame makes it difficult for him to box out physical corners and his lack of hand strength hinders his ability to pull back the ball and keep it protected and secured.

While Brown is undersized, he offers upside as a route runner and is a lethal catch and go threat. He creates constant mismatches in coverage and can attack the secondary as a pass catcher in all 3 portions of the field. Brown surpasses the label of a “burner” and has the ability to release well at the LOS with a jab, foot fire, or a lateral release and can run his routes directly and while minimizing wasted steps (inconsistent and raw though). After he adds more functional weight to his frame and works with an NFL staff, we could see an elite athlete with high level positional skills. He will add a high level of excitement to whatever team drafts him because of how energizing his capability to reach the end zone from any alignment or field positioning is.


Taylor Moser