Draft Stock Update: Dwayne Haskins (After Ohio State's Pro Day)

Picture Credit: AP

Picture Credit: AP

A lot was riding on Dwayne Haskins’ performance at Ohio State’s Pro Day this afternoon. With League executives flocking to Ohio for his on-field workout, Haskins had a golden opportunity to show off his skillset and ultimately tell teams that he is the top QB prospect in this draft.

For his throwing session, i put together a checklist of things I wanted to see Haskins thrive in. The list is as follows:

  • Pocket Movement (How does he shift around the pocket? Is he sudden and responsive to defensive movement around him? Are his eyes scanning downfield while he moves? Is his footwork clunky or does he take smooth and quick steps?)

  • Accuracy Off Movement (Can he retain accuracy when moving to both sides and how do his mechanics look when doing so?)

  • Drop Footwork (When functioning from under center, does he gain good depth in his steps while being coordinated? How urgent is he to his set point?)

  • Throw Mechanics (How does his lower body align to his targets and can he torque at his hips? Is his release smooth and fast?)

  • Overall Ball Placement and Arm Talent (Does he throw the ball accurately with touch, timing, and anticipation? Can he alter the pacing and layering of the ball to reach the receiver at the most advantageous spot? Does the ball come out “hot” and can he maintain velocity down the field?)

My overall thoughts of Haskins’ workout were solid across the board. While he didn’t have a mistake-free day, Dwayne had a statement showing that really helped alleviate some concerns about his game.

In his throwing session, he confirmed that he possesses a top level arm that can make passes to any portion of the field. The ball POPS out of his hand with effortless velocity and tight rotations. When in the process of throwing the ball, he had a high success rate with a couple mess-ups that resulted from a disconnect between his eyes and feet or a drop by the WR. Haskins consistently pounded the ball down the field while showing the anticipation and timing to put the ball in front of a receiver in-stride. When attempting vertical passes, he had great control of the flight of the ball and completed some spot-on throws that were mirror opposites of some deep misses on tape. On passes to other portions of the field, he was able to switch up ball speeds and layer accordingly. However, what was the most important on my checklist was his overall footwork and movement ability. Haskins was able to shift around the pocket cleanly with decisive responses to pressure and sudden, clean strides. In his reps from under center, he gained solid depth in his steps and his overall drop mechanics were pretty much as good as would be expected from a Quarterback prospect. One of his inconsistencies on tape was how he moves outside the pocket. He looked fine in that category today and really showed off the ability to make accurate strikes when off platform and mobile. On a couple of his movement throws, he dropped the ball in the bucket with quality body control and mechanical usage.

Dwayne Haskins came into Ohio State’s pro day with a solid Combine performance under his belt and a lot of top 10 hype to live up to. His level of performance in front of league brass earlier today will play a part in where he goes in the draft and could factor into debates over him or Kyler Murray in draft rooms across the NFL. In my opinion, he checked off all of the boxes in his throwing session and showed that he has the traits to make an impact as a franchise QB in the NFL.

  • Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser