Interview with Eastern Michigan Defensive End Maxx Crosby


Maxx Crosby is a 6’5 250 pound edge prospect from Eastern Michigan with intriguing tools, and traits for the position. He is exceptional with his hands, as he possesses counters and variance. He tested well at the combine running a 4.66 40, and he looked fluid in drills. He has potential to be a really good defensive end in the pro’s and I cannot wait to watch his career unfold.

Me: Hey Maxx! How’s it going?

Maxx: Good man!

Me: How have your pre draft visits been going?

Maxx: Great man. I have had a good amount of workouts and I’ve got a bunch of visits coming up, and tomorrow I’ve got a good day with the Lions. So yeah man, I’ve just been chilling, going with the flow.

Me: That’s awesome! I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, I know you are a busy guy!

Maxx: Yeah absolutely man, no problem.

Me: The draft is obviously coming up fast. To the fans of the team that drafts you, what type of player and person are they getting?

Maxx: For the team you know who drafts me, they are getting a player who you know, first off, is a pass rusher. I'm somebody who is a consistent play-maker. I'm a game changer. I'm somebody that goes in there and takes the ball away from the offense. You know, as far as off the field, I'm a loving person. I always have a smile on my face and you know, I work my butt off. I love playing the game of football and I'm going to bring it every single day.

Me: That’s awesome man! Big fan of your tape! Obviously in your D1 career, you’ve played against some really good football players. Who is one of the best, and what challenges did they pose?

Maxx: yeah, I played in a bunch of good players. The main guy that stuck out to me, who I didn't get to match up a ton against, but definitely stood out was Max Scharping from NIU. He's a big dude and he's solid all around. You know, he has all the tools and size and, he's a really smart football player so I definitely think he was the best guy I went against.

Me: He’s definitely a really solid football player, and when you guys matched up on tape it was fun to watch. If you had to say what your biggest strengths are as a player, what would they be? Where are you trying to improve?

Maxx: You know my strongest points of my game I feel like is just being a pass rusher, getting the pressure on the quarterback consistently. And just being a game changer. That's the main thing that I pride myself within my game that I feel like is overlooked a lot, taking away the ball. You know we emphasize it a ton at Eastern and it's a big part of my game, stripping the quarterback, punching balls out, tipping balls, taking the ball away. So that would definitely be the two main things that come to mind but as far as things I'm working on, just techniques, cleaning up counter moves. All that type of stuff is coming into play and obviously putting on good weight and you know just getting stronger every day.

Me: That’s awesome man! You definitely have a lot of good traits. You just recently had your pro day, and you got to go to the NFL scouting combine. Talk a little bit about what that experience was like and what you think you showed scouts out there.

Maxx: Oh yeah. Well yeah you know being at the combine was a dream come true. I've been watching the combine since I was a little kid. So I definitely was you know really looking forward to going there, and it was definitely a stressful process but you are only there for four and a half days so you just gotta soak up every little moment and just have fun with it. And that's exactly what I did. We hardly got any sleep, and it was long days every day talking to teams, going through medicals and all that type of stuff. But at the end of the day, you’re just trying to make it to Sunday when you can get out on the field. I thought all the interviews went really well, then I got to go out there and show what I could do as an athlete and as a player and you know I felt as if I did that. Pro day was awesome too you know back at school getting out on that field with my teammates for the last time. It was a ball.

Me: Absolutely! You tested real well, and it was awesome seeing you perform out there. You just recently had some workouts with teams. What are those experiences like?

Maxx: As far as private workouts, they get to get you on the field and go running through any drills they want to see you in. We do about 30 to 45 minutes on the field and then we go to the film room and draw up plays and go over stuff and regurgitate information they give us and you know tell 'em what we were thinking on certain plays on film and all that type of stuff. And you know, I'm a football guy. I've always been that way, I've been obsessed with the sport so gettin' in the film room and watchin' stuff and you know, getting to tell my side of things of what I saw and what I was expecting on plays is you know something I love to do. So um you know, this whole process has been, a lot more fun than a lot of people you know give it credit for. Um but you know that's just how I am. I love talking football all day.

Me: Yeah! It’s great to be a student of the game man that’s awesome, sounds like great experiences. What are your biggest NFL aspirations, and how do you want to be remembered?

Maxx: Um you know, at the end of the day I want to be known as one of the best pass-rushers that played. One of the guys that I look up to and watch a lot of who's not playing anymore is Jared Allen. He was a guy who was a 4th round pick coming from Idaho, really underrated. He was a longer lankier guy but was super productive in college and you know got got a little bit looked over and he came to the league and absolutely tore it up. And he's the guy that I see myself being. I'm trying to trying to be one of the best players in my position. Thats all I can do and you know it's just taking it a day at a time and putting in the proper work, putting my head down and just you know proving my worth every single day. So regardless of where I go, um you know that's not important to me. I look at it ten years down the road and I want to be one of those guys that's still standing and super productive you know. Right now, you know hype  is hype but you know I am one of those guys that I could care less about getting hyped up. I just wanna go out there and prove and show what I can do.

Me: Yeah absolutely! I feel like you’ve definitely done that so far. You've always been really productive at the DE position in your career and that's contributed to a lot of the attention you've been getting/ What is the most rewarding part of playing the defensive end position?

Maxx: The biggest thing for me is causing turnovers. Obviously strip sacks are probably my number one thing. I've gotten to get in the end zone a couple of times the last two years so that's also not too bad either. If I’m out there and I'm making game changing plays that's definitely the most rewarding, just helping my team win the game.

Me: Yeah. Absolutely man. Absolutely. To all the kids trying to be elite at the defensive end position, what is the best advice you could give them? And if you had to say if there's like a couple techniques that you really feel like they should hone down on what do you think they are? Looking back coming into college I had only played D-End for my senior year in high school that was my first year ever playing the position. So I was super inexperienced. I was undersized. Nobody gave me a really a shot. Eastern was my only offer. I had to to make it happen on my own. You know, if I'm giving advice I would say, listen to the older guys that have done have done it before and have had success and you know keep your head down and just work every single day. And then you know once it comes to off the field, getting all that extra work. Every single off-season, after every practice, I'm I'm doing everything I can to be as ready as I can when it comes to game day. Like, during the off-season, during the season I'm catching 50 balls on the jugs after practice. And you know a lot of people think it has nothing to do with playing D-End but you know one or two plays during the season that ball is going to come towards my way and I want to be ready for that. So you know, at the end of the year against Akron I had a pick-6 and, that was my moment. I was catching those jugs all during the season and I kept that as something that I did. It was a JJ Watt-thing that I saw, so you know it was just little things. Just keep getting better and better at every little aspect you can and I promise one day , you are going to get there.

Me: That’s incredible advice! Appreciate that! I appreciate you taking the time to talk man! Best of luck to you!

I appreciate Maxx taking the time to interview with me! He’s personable, easy going, and he’s one of the hardest workers out there. Whoever drafts him is not only getting a great player, they are also getting a really good person. Wish Maxx the best of luck in his pro career!

Twitter: @CrosbyMaxx

Nathan Papandrea