Developmental Offensive Line Prospects with Upside

Picture Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis

Picture Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis


1. Oli Udoh

Height: 6’5

Weight: 323

School: Elon

Position: Right Tackle

Analysis: Udoh, while being raw technically in a few areas, has the physical traits and upside worth taking notice of. He has long arms, (35 ⅜) thick legs, and an overall hulking frame filled with the mass teams are looking for at the tackle position. His effort, and nasty demeanor is prevalent on tape, while also showing the ability sustain through the whistle due to his plus grip strength. However, his hand placement, and the timing of such placement on passing downs does need to be coached. He often strikes late, and his punches aren’t tight which allows edge rushers to lock into his frame and condense the space of the pocket. With that being said, Udoh has all of the physical tools coaches look for in a prototypical NFL Tackle prospect. He is worth taking a look at early on Day 3, as the right coaching could lead to him being a quality starter down the road.

2. Tyler Roemer

Height: 6’6

Weight: 312

School: San Diego State

Position: LT

Analysis: Tyler Roemer offers a multitude of athletic tools to work with, along with an intriguing amount of potential to improve his frame. He’s an above average mover in space, as he is able to reach second level landmarks with ease. In the run game, he shows impressive flashes of torsion strength, and uncoiling of hips upon contact. The ability he exhibits to roll his hips through contact is a way of compensation to make up for his lacking upper and lower body power (18 bench press reps at combine). When blocking laterally, he cuts off the defender by driving his outside shoulder through his chest which creates maneuverable space for the RB. There are a lot of questions that require answering with Roemer however. There are serious off the field concerns among scouts, with a suspension due to a violation of team rules and maturity concerns being a few. His frame needs to fill out, as thickness and power needs to be distributed into his lower half. However, his physical potential along with some promising technical nuances in his game gives Roemer some intriguing upside. If he improves his play strength and body composition, while also being able to show signs of maturity, Roemer deserves a Day 3 selection.

3. Nate Davis

Height: 6’3

Weight: 306

School: Charlotte

Position: OT


Nate Davis is a powerful offensive line prospect who played outside and on the interior of the OL in his career at Charlotte. At the next level however, I project him to be a physically imposing presence on the interior. As a run blocker, his hips uncoil and he drives his feet on his insteps which unlocks more power from his lower half. He is intentional about his block positioning, and the angles he takes in space. He is effective in reaching his land marks as a puller, and he arrives to contact violently. An underrated portion of his game is his IQ, and eye discipline. His eyes stay up, and when uncovered he’s always searching for an opposing defender. When engaged, he shows the ability to pass off defenders and pick up a new one coming into his gap. What makes Davis a developmental prospect is the lack of polish in his feet. He often oversets at the tackle position, which enables defenders to perform inside counters. His kick steps often vary in depth which doesn’t allow him to consistently reach necessary set points, which is why I project him to being more successful in short sets on the interior. Overall, Nate Davis is a mauler that has a vast amount of potential on the interior. Once he gets the nuances of the guard position down, he will be a staple on a teams offensive line for years to come. He will be a Day 2 steal.

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4. Ethan Greenridge

Height: 6’4

Weight: 327

School: Villanova

Position: LT

Analysis: Ethan Greenridge is a long, well built tackle prospect with some intriguing features. He has nearly 35 inch arms with 10 ⅜ inch hands that make up an impressive physical profile. His punch timing and placement has shown promise, as his long arms separate him and the defender while not allowing them access into his chest. He can anchor against power also, as he drops his weight, sinks his hips, and keeps his head back through the rep. His effort always runs hot, as he drives his feet through the whistle while sustaining due to plus grip strength. There are some significant areas in his game that need a substantial amount of development though. He overextends in pass protection often, and he is a considerable waist bender. His pad level needs to lower also, as it rises after contact during drive blocks. There is enough physical and athletic traits here that make Greenridge worth taking a flier on. If a team in the 6th or 7th round drafts him, there is a considerable amount to work with. He offers legitimate physical upside, and guard tackle versatility.

5. Hjalte Froholdt

Height: 6’5

Weight: 306

School: Arkansas

Position: Guard


Froholdt is an intriguing developmental prospect with some power in his lower half, and an ability to move in space. When moving to the second level, he can square up linebackers because of his deliberate movements and the angles he takes in space. He has a stout anchor to neutralize bull rushes, however his stout lower half does not consistently transfer into the run game. He can absorb power and contact, yet he does not create considerable knockback on drive blocks.  Consistently driving his feet through the whistle is something that should be harped upon in his development. He’s a smart player though, as he can diagnose defensive twists, and stunts while picking up free defenders accordingly. He shows good punch timing and placement, while also showing the ability to refit his hands when knocked away. Hjalte has a considerable amount of promise in his game, as he has some considerable play strength, and some technical refinement. If the team who drafts him can develop his footwork, and get him to finish plays, there is some considerable upside here. He is worth taking a flier on in rounds 4-5.


6. Isaiah Prince

Height: 6’6

Weight: 305

School: Ohio State

Position: RT


Isaiah Prince is a long, thick tackle prospect with well distributed weight and mass throughout his frame. He has nearly 36 inch arms and 10 inch hands, and overall he fits the prototype of NFL tackles in today’s game. Considerable play strength is shown on tape, and he has the hands to stun and neutralize defenders upon contact. On pass plays, he shows the ability to power step inside to negate counters. He has a stout anchor, and his hips can consistently unlock upon contact. He is limited however in a few areas. He does not offer the foot speed, or redirect ability to play on the left side so he is scheme limited and a RT only. He needs to be coached on consistently reaching the proper set points in his pass sets. However, his freakish frame and functional strength make him an intriguing day 2 prospect with considerable upside.

-Nathan Papandrea

Nathan Papandrea