Interview with UTEP CB Nik Needham


Nik Needham is an underrated, yet intriguing corner prospect with impressive ball skills, and instincts for the position. He plays with exceptional eye discipline, and he possesses the necessary athleticism and burst to stay in phase with the opposing receiver. He ended his football career as one of the most productive Db’s in UTES history, finishing with 213 total tackles, 3 interceptions, and 36 pass defenses.

How has the pre draft process been for you thus far?

Nik: The process has been great. I have been enjoying every minute of it. Met a lot of new people and had a lot of new experiences. It is just a blessing to have this opportunity in front of me, so I’m just trying to embrace it all.

You just recently had your pro day! What was that experience like, and what did you feel like you showed scouts out there?

Nik: Pro Day was definitely a great experience for me. Got to get back in the Sun Bowl with my teammates one more time and showcase our skills for NFL scouts. Definitely a moment I will always remember. But I feel I showed the scouts that I am a competitor and definitely can translate my game into the NFL.

To the fans of the team that drafts you, what type of football player are they getting?

Nik: The fans will definitely be getting a play maker, a guy who is always around the ball. Someone who is fundamentally and technically sound. A leader on and off the field. A guy who can not only make plays in the passing game, but isn’t afraid to be physical and make plays in the running game as well. Someone who will be active in the community. Last but not least, they are getting someone who has passion and love for the game of football.

What do you feel like your biggest strengths are as a player? What areas do you feel like you need to work on going forward?

Nik: I feel like my biggest strengths are my technique and my overall knowledge and understanding of the game. An area I feel I need to work on is speed. Just for the fact that I feel you can never be fast enough. Especially in this game. It is definitely changing, guys are getting bigger and faster.

What are your NFL goals?

My goals in the NFL are
1. Become an All-Pro caliber player
2. Win multiple Superbowls
3. Become a Public Figure in the community & be able to give back to those who are less fortunate than others
4.  Leave behind an inspiring legacy once I’m retired

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of being a defensive back?

Being able to compete with and shutdown another teams best wide receiver. Also, making big time stops in clutch situations.