2020 NFL Draft Early Look: Tua Tagovailoa

Draft Writer: Taylor Moser

Draft Writer: Taylor Moser

Since the quiet portion of the NFL offseason is in full swing, this part of the summer is the ideal time to get an eye on prospects who could be available in the upcoming draft class. Over the summer months, Bigboardscouting.com will be highlighting a line up of top prospects in the 2020 Draft with preliminary scouting notes that will be featured in our “Early Look” Series. The next prospect that we will be breaking down is Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama. 

Frame Description-

  • Listed at 6’1 218.

  • Tua is a left handed passer with an athletic frame and a below average height for an NFL QB. He has chiseled calves, and has room to add tone to his upper body. 

Where Tagovailoa Impresses:


Tua is innately talented when forced to shift from his set point in the pocket, as he shows consistent reactionary skills, pristine evasions from interior and edge pressure, and the ability to get the chains moving while on the run. When forced off of his spot, Tua shows poise, pocket navigation skills, and the ability to climb the pocket with his eyes stationed down the field. He excels in designs that utilize his functional athleticism to establish distance between him and defenders as well as put him on the move, such as Play Action, Roll-Outs, and other movement based situations. Tagovailoa’s maneuverability within the pocket construction, along with his nimble feet allow him to create sight lines and puts him in a position to be in his comfort zone as a passer. 

This area of his game sets him apart from other passers, and will create an abundance of play extensions and successful on-the-move throws for Tagovailoa when he transitions to the next level. 

Arm Talent- 

On passing downs, Tua has a quick and efficient left handed motion in which he garners a high amount of velocity at the balls separation from his grip. He beats defenders to throw spots with varied velocities to enhance his ability to lead and move pass catchers into a positive enough territory to move the ball down the field. When aiming towards different throw ranges, Tua can layer his passes effectively enough to pin-point the ball into receiver only territory when he shows focus on his lower body mechanics. Lastly, the Alabama passer has shown that he can cut it loose with accuracy to the short-intermediate range, while also displaying flashes of aptness on deeper level throw attempts. 

Football IQ- 

Tagovailoa is versed at timing up his drops with certain routes, and has shown that he has the savvy to find underneath coverage voids. He also can locate favorable matchups in 1-on-1 coverage, as well as dissect layered concepts. 

Biggest Area That He Needs To Work On:

Processing/ Decision Making-

Alabama’s football team is equipped with an elite crop of pass catchers, which tends to equate to Tagovailoa taking unnecessary chances into expiring throw windows. His series of poor decisions and misreadings of DB’s leverage consistently put turnover opportunities on the table, and his inconsistent alignment and footwork can cause misfires into defended areas. While he has shown the ability to work through his progressions, Tua still has room to improve his eye discipline and lessen the amount of times he tips off defenders with how he stares down his favored target. 


Tua Tagovailoa fits the blueprint of a modern day NFL QB based off of his movement skills, arm talent, and his ability to create plays. He has room to improve his decision making process in between now and the 2020 NFL Draft, but he has the assortment of traits to be a difference maker as a pro Quarterback. 

Taylor Moser