BBS Weekly Roundup (8/25)

Weekly Roundup-August 25th 2019 will be publishing Weekly Roundup articles on a regular basis, and each piece will include coverage of a range of topics that span from the NFL to College Football. This article marks the opening of this series, and I hope you enjoy.


Topics of discussion for this week:

  1. Andrew Luck’s early retirement, and the options that the Colts have. 

  2. How Daniel Jones has proven many wrong so far (including me), and the lesson he has taught me as an evaluator.

  3. The most ideal week to obtain the starting job for each of the top rookie Quarterbacks.

Andrew Luck’s Retirement:

To many’s surprise, Andrew Luck has announced his retirement from the National Football League. Luck, 29, has had his career invaded by plenty of season altering injuries, but the former number one overall pick has consistently put together a quality product on the field due to his predominantly clean mechanics, advanced processing ability, and his overall preparation. Andrew Luck is not only an elite player when he steps in between the lines, but he is a rare personality type who has been an amazing leader and teammate in the Colts locker room. His absence will have a profound impact on the Colts franchise and their future, but when it comes down to your mental and physical health versus football, there’s an obvious outcome. 

Once I was made aware of the news of his impending retirement, my first impression was that he still has so much more left in the tank, as he is only 29 years old, and a top 5 Quarterback in the league. But when you go back and look at his career, nightmarish thoughts of Ryan Grigson’s incompetently formed Offensive Line come to mind, and it becomes apparent that Luck was just dealt a rotten hand. There was hope on my part that when Chris Ballard took the reigns in Indianapolis, the mistakes of the prior regime would be corrected. Thankfully, Chris Ballard built off of his wonderful track record in his previous positions, and reformed the Colts OL into a very well rounded unit. He has also shifted the dynamic enough in Indianapolis to make them a challenger in the AFC in a short span of time. However, the corrections that were made, while all extremely bright and fitting moves, could not fix the mental and physical toll that Andrew Luck has already undergone. 

This is a situation where you really feel for Luck, as he is just a wonderfully gifted football player, and is extremely appreciable on a personal level. But, the NFL is a business, and the wheels have to roll into motion immediately in the aftermath of the retirement announcement. Backup Quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, has been tightly protected on the trade market due to the questions about Luck’s availability, and that decision by Ballard and company has turned out to be another smart move. Brissett is definitely not on Andrew Luck’s tier, but he is a viable backup option who has the overall talent level to win some games as a starter. 

Since Luck is out of the picture, and Brissett is scheduled to be a Free Agent after this season, the question of who will be the Colts long term starter arises. There’s a chance that Jacoby Brissett could impress enough to get re-signed, and ultimately gain another chance next year. But, them refueling the position through the draft will be the solution that many point to first. 

Over the next two NFL Draft classes, we see Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jordan Love as the first round options in 2020, and Trevor Lawrence as the prized commodity of the 2021 Draft. 

I would like to commend Andrew Luck for a great career in Indianapolis, and I wish him well-being and success in his life after football. 

Daniel Jones is proving the doubters wrong:

Daniel Jones garnered immense amounts of hate over the draft process leading up to the 2019 Draft, and when the Giants selected him at pick 6, me and many others voiced our disagreement on the pick. Jones has toned out the doubters, and has put out a spectacular example of what he can do on the field during this preseason. 

It's obviously still VERY early, but you can get a sense about these rookies by looking at what traits they initially display. I was a critic of Jones’ arm, and some of the decisions he made as a passer at Duke, but we’ve seen improvements on both of those fronts, and flashes of exciting skills from Jones. 

What i have learned from Jones so far is to focus more on what the prospect offers, rather than dwell on his negatives. Jones is an intelligent passer who gets through his progressions effectively, and puts the ball where it needs to be. He displays the toughness and poise to stay collected within the collapsing pocket, and also has the mobility and accuracy to make a living in the league as a number one QB. 

I was far to harsh and one sided when evaluating Daniel Jones, and i really hope he continues to impress into the regular season, and during the rest of his career. 

Ideal Start Dates For The Rookie QB’s:

Kyler Murray : Week 1

It’s already written in stone that Murray will suit up with the 1’s in the first week of the regular season. Kyler had a bumpy week 2 performance in the preseason, but excelled in his other 2 games, and is just the best option in that Quarterback room. 

Daniel Jones: When the Giants realize that Eli isn’t starting material anymore

The Giants, Eli Manning, and Daniel Jones dynamic will be a complicated one at first. Eli Manning has won 2 Super Bowls for the Giants organization, and has offered a widespread amount of success as a player dressed in Giants blue. His previous impact is still obviously hindering the Giants ability to make an objective decision regarding Manning’s starting status, but now they have a logical option at QB who is just staring them in the face. If I was making the decision here, Jones would be taking reps with the first stringers the moment that Eli continues to show severely dimmenshing skills. 

Dwayne Haskins : Week 4

The Redskins first three games are: @ Philadelphia, VS Dallas, and VS the Bears. The trend there is three playoff teams in a row, and the last thing you need is to put a young, inexperienced QB into the fire vs that type of competition when he has had 0 reps running with the first team in the preseason. Haskins has a talented arm with flashes of precision placement, but Washington needs to be careful with when they start him. 

Drew Lock : Next Season 

Lock needs to continue to work on his footwork when set to throw, his decision making, and just being consistent as an NFL QB. With Joe Flacco in place, there shouldn't be any reason to rush Lock outside of an injury or Flacco underperforming.

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