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Each week, I answer 5 football related questions that I will pull from @bigboardscouting’s Instagram account. 

Question 1:
Where should Jerry Jeudy be picked?

My Answer: To me, Jerry Jeudy is a transcendent talent at the Wide Receiver position and he deserves every bit of the hype that he is receiving from the draft community. I cannot say for sure where I think he will go because of how early it is, but if he remains on his current trajectory, then he will be a top 5 pick.

Jeudy is a complete pass catcher with an exceedingly full tool box that he consistently taps into on the field. His vertical and lateral separation ability is special, and he has the processing, play speed, and body control to provide a menacing presence to an NFL Offense. 

Question 2: Who is one player in this class that you consider elite?

My Answer: Once again, I am a huge believer in Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy. I have a strong sense of conviction about his game at this point while also being really excited to watch him develop. However, I do think that Chase Young has played himself into the discussion of the first overall spot in my big board. The range of skills that he showcases for Ohio State suggests that he has elite type of ability out on the edge. 

Question 3: What is the biggest trait you look for in franchise QB’s?

My Answer: There’s so many different attributes that I look at when judging Quarterbacks coming into the league, and it is really hard to narrow it down to just one trait. However, I would say that I tend to lean towards passers who have what I call the X-Factor. I define the X-Factor as a prospect who has the necessary instincts, accuracy, mental aptitude, ball protection skills, and an alpha demeanor that allows them to lift their team up and ultimately win games. I have developed my definition of that phrase over the three years that I have scouted players in-depth, and players ranging from Mahomes to Lamar Jackson have shaped how I view the the term “X-Factor”. 

Question 4: What are your thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky?

My Answer: Back when he was coming out of North Carolina, I had a late first, early second round grade slotted next to Trubisky’s name. I loved the physical traits that popped off of the film, but I had significant questions about his processing, decision making, and his overall consistency. I did not think that he deserved to be drafted at pick two regardless of his positional value, and I believed that NFL teams would receive better value from Watson and Mahomes based off of where they were expected to be picked. 

Unfortunately, we are still seeing Trubusky make the same mistakes in Chicago, and he is letting down the Bears and their extraordinary roster. The Bears have the talent to make a deep playoff run, but at this point Trubisky is pumping the brakes on what could be a magical season. If Trubisky doesn't show significant development over the next season or so, we could see a change take place in the Bears Quarterback room. 

Question 5: What positions will be at a premium in 2020? 

My Answer: It’s still pretty early, but this group of draft eligible WR’s is rather tantalizing. It is headlined by Jerry Jeudy, but is also filled with big names such as Henry Ruggs and CeeDee Lamb.

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