BBS Weekly Roundup (9/25)

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Weekly Roundup-September 25th 2019 will be publishing Weekly Roundup articles on a regular basis, and each piece will include coverage on a range of topics that span from the NFL to College Football.

Topics of discussion for this week:

  1. What positions the Dolphins should target over the next two drafts. 

  2. Why Dwayne Haskins should start versus the Giants.

  3. Why it’s important not to write off underperforming rookies after only a couple weeks. 

What positions the Dolphins should target over the next two drafts:

It’s no secret that the Dolphins are putting a great deal of effort into tanking in order to amass an arsenal of high draft picks. Through trading young stars such as Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Dolphins have left their roster devoid of many of the young player.  An infusion of youth is essential to long term success, and they will need to utilize the next couple drafts and free agent periods to retool their roster with a group of young players. Finding a long term solution at the Quarterback position has to be priority one for Miami, as an established franchise passer will piggyback the rebuilding movement. It is presumable that the Dolphins will gain the first overall pick, so it is more than likely at this point that Alabama’s star passer, Tua Tagovailoa, will be heavily in play at this pick. 

Their next aiming point should be to surround a newly acquired young QB with pass catching options. If the Steelers pick that they received in the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade ends up being in the top 10, then it would be a proficient decision to Consider Henry Ruggs or CeeDee Lamb if we assume that Jerry Jeudy will be gone by this point. It's exceedingly important to surround rookie Quarterbacks with a depth-filled group of receivers in order to allow multiple pass catching options, as well as alleviate some stress from the rookies shoulders. If Miami matches a highly drafted QB with a highly drafted WR and more pass catchers obtained through the draft and free agency, then Miami will have started out on the right foot. 

To finish off their first round selections in 2020, I would aim towards bringing in an offensive lineman to help anchor down the line. The Dolphins have a lot of space to add in a young O-Lineman, and an effective blocking structure and scheme is essential to providing a young passer a supportive infrastructure. 

Assuming that the Dolphins last pick, which they acquired from the Texans, will be after pick 20, we can narrow their choices down to Tyler Biadasz, Lucas Niang, and Creed Humphrey at this point. Lastly, with their two 2021 first rounders, taking the best available within a reasonable need would be a wise strategy for the Dolphins. 

Miami will need to focus on adding more players that convey a winning demeanor in order to establish a winning culture. While tanking can be a successful way to turn around your franchise, it can be detrimental due to the toll losing takes on the players, staff, and the overall culture around the building. Miami has started off the tanking process well, and just need to take the rest of the process a step at a time. In free agency, they should focus on bringing in depth, players who epitomize the culture that the Dolphins brass is trying to build, as well as functional starters. In the draft, they will need to prioritize drafting a QB early, and then playmakers and offensive linemen. Down the road it will be imperative that the Dolphins fill their roster with culture and scheme fits, and not revolve away from their rebuilding plan. 

Why Dwayne Haskins should start versus the Giants:

Washington’s coach, Jay Gruden has already noted that he is going with “continuity” at the QB position rather than change it up and go to the first round rookie, Dwayne Haskins. To the contrary, I believe that this week versus the Giants is the right time to put Haskins into the starting lineup. After Case Keenum’s turnover ridden performance versus the Bears, it is fairly apparent that change is needed. 

In Haskins’ play in the preseason, we saw a player with many physical traits, as well as a player who can make things happen when the team needs a spark. I think that his youth and energy would be extremely beneficial to the Redskins at this point, and even though they are missing Trent Williams, Haskins can provide the spark that is desperately needed in DC

Starting versus the Giants would also light a fire under Haskins, as he has been motivated by the Giants passing over him for Daniel Jones. The Giants also don't provide a defense that will necessarily crash down on Haskins and the Redskins offense. Therefore, the rookie will feel more comfortable in the pocket and has a chance at a confidence boosting game. If the Redskins want to get a sense of what Haskins is about, this week versus the Giants is not a bad option for his first start. 

Update: Case Keenum did not practice today due to a foot injury

Why it’s important to not write off underperforming rookies after only a couple of weeks:

Every year we see fans and media members write off rookies after only a couple weeks, and more often after only one year of NFL Football. It's important to give rookies time to mentally develop, as well as get accustomed to the game before we pass judgement on them. I think it is important to gauge players as they go on, but also not write anything in stone until they complete their third season. We have seen many examples of this, including Jared Goff, who struggled his rookie season but played a major part in propelling the Rams to the Super Bowl last year. 

Just because your favorite prospect or draft pick is underperforming doesn’t they won't turn it around. Be patient, and let them develop their game mentally and physically. You will know for sure what type of player you have around year three. 

Taylor Moser