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Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Topics of discussion for this week:

  1. How Dylan Moses’ ACL injury impacts the 2020 Draft. 

  2. What I saw from Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert during week one of the CFB season. 

  3. Why having Zeke available is the difference between a Super Bowl appearance and an early playoff exit for the Cowboys. 

How Dylan Moses’ ACL injury impacts the 2020 Draft:

In my recently released preseason top 32 prospects, i had Alabama’s Dylan Moses ranked as my number four overall prospect. Unfortunately, it was made known last week via multiple reports that Moses will miss the entirety of the 2019 season due to an ACL injury. Not only does this unfortunate incident place a large burden on Alabama to fill his spot, but it also spells out a drop in his draft stock. Moses is an extremely gifted football player who shows off excellent athletic ability and impressive processing skills. Due to his combination of traits however, i still have him pegged as a blue chip prospect who will continue the successful output of NFL stars from Nick Saban’s NFL Factory at the University of Alabama. 

The impact of Moses’ ACL injury will cause him to slide some in the draft if he chooses to declare, but he is an all-around player who exemplifies what teams look for from pro ready Linebacker prospects. If he does declare, I will most likely have him graded as a top ten draft eligible player. 

What I saw from Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert during week one of the CFB season. 

Tagovailoa and Herbert are consistently regarded as the top two quarterbacks eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft, and the duo of passers both have the ability to be graded out as top 5 prospects on my final board. However, they both have multiple boxes that need to be checked off this season. 

Tua Tagovailoa impressed in Alabama’s matchup versus the Duke Blue Devils on Saturday, as the highly acclaimed passer showed the ability to pin-point throws, put his enticing movement skills inside and outside of the pocket on display, and exhibited thorough decision making and field analysis. In his performance on Saturday, we also saw Tua’s extremely quick feet, and how he uses his lower body to expedite the process of shifting his throwing platform. Tagovailoa also adjusts the velocity and arc of his passes to the coverage presented, and has the anticipation to put balls between zones. 

From a scouting perspective, you like to see a Quarterback prospect take control of the offense and dish out passes in an efficient and accurate manner. Tua was in full command week one, and made his wide ranging skillset apparent. 

While the assessment of Tua’s first performance of the season is mostly straight forward, we received a slightly mixed bag from Justin Herbert. In his big time season opener vs Auburn, Herbert showed off his rare tangible traits, such as his arm talent and mobility. Herbert also made a couple exciting throws into condensed windows that show his upside as a passer. But, his inconsistent side also showed up on Saturday, causing some substandard decisions with the ball in his hand. 

After week one of the College Football Season, I have Tua Tagovailoa slotted as my top overall QB prospect. Versus Duke, he showed me what I look for from an elite QB prospect, and if he successfully builds off of last weeks performance, then he should be able to finish the draft process as my top overall QB prospect. In order for Justin Herbert to obtain the top spot in my Quarterback rankings, i need to see him cut out the reckless mistakes that occur on his tape. He needs to make better decisions as a passer, work on how consistently he aligns his lower body when set to throw, and needs to show his precision placement in a larger sample size. The Oregon QB has all of the traits, he just needs to put them all together. 

Why having Zeke available is the difference between a Super Bowl appearance and an early playoff exit for the Cowboys. 

Earlier today, Cowboys star Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott inked a six-year, $90 Million dollar contract extension with $50 Million in guaranteed money. Not only does both sides coming together to get a deal done end an unwanted holdout, but it also solidifies Zeke’s position on the Cowboys roster for this season, and for years into the future. With Elliott returning to Dallas’ Running Back rotation, the Cowboys are squarely in Super Bowl Contention.  

Since his rookie campaign in 2016, Ezekiel Elliott has had an immense impact in all 3 phases (running, receiving, and blocking) of the Running Back Position. As a runner, Zeke has amassed over 4,000 total rushing yards since his rookie season in 2016, and has two rushing titles attached to his name. Elliott has been prolific during his time with the Cowboys, but his impact reaches beyond what you see on the stat sheet. 

When looking into the elite RB’s film, Zeke’s mixture of patience, vision, power, and acceleration stand out. His understanding of blocking schemes and block angles allows him to attack the most favorable insertion point, and he is innately skilled at waiting out blocks as a patient runner. Elliott is also extraordinarily gifted at using his loose lower body to cut away from the defense and evade blocks, and he displays the straight line acceleration to challenge gap defenders, as well as linebackers stationed in the second level. Lastly, contact balance is at a premium when studying Ezekiel Elliott. He shows potency in this category on tape, as he has the lower body power and leg drive to run through weaker tackle attempts. 

Outside of Elliott’s overloading tool box of physical, mental, and athletic attributes, Zeke is a gifted pass catcher who excels in the run after the catch phase. The RAC capabilities that he brings as a receiver are special, and adds yet another dangerous element to the Cowboys offense. 

Over the past three seasons, Ezekiel Elliott has been putting out a supremely well-rounded product onto the field. He is exceedingly essential to the Cowboys offense not only because of his versatility, but because of his tempo setting ability as an offensive weapon. Whether the ball is in his hands via a handoff or a pass, Zeke establishes the tempo due to how he controls the field when given the opportunity to make a play. He has the prowess to be utilized consistently, and his playing style can be used to control the clock. And when the ball is in his hands, he attacks the defense with a combination of speed, power, and processing capabilities that he tailors and adjusts to the weaknesses of the defense.

Elliott’s skillset is advanced, and the impact he provides because of it makes him worth every cent of his contract. His talents as a player, and his availability to the team solidifies Dallas as a championship contender. 

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