2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Johnathan Abram

Picture credit: Mississippi State Athletics

Picture credit: Mississippi State Athletics

Name: Johnathan Abram

Position: SS

School: Mississippi State

Listed Height: 5’11

Listed Weight: 205

Strengths: Abram has a long frame with good tone. He is at his best vs the run when he can step downhill and feast in the box. Shows elite ability to track and pursue the run in all levels of the defense. Play to play aggressiveness is apparent on run downs, as he straight up ENFORCES at the tackle point. He has explosive catch up speed on the football and closes off the run from the opposite portion of the field with sideline to sideline range. Processes run flow well and can fill interior lanes and contain the edge. Seems to have a wide variety of moves to discard blocks to free his frame from engagement. Slips blocks on time to work into positioning vs the run. He is a clean body bender in tight corners. Usually will wrap up as a tackler. Reacts well to throw indicators and drives off his back foot as soon as the QB starts his motion. He plays the ball well down the field and can turn his head to locate the drop point. Can turn smoothly in his hips when he drops his weight and gains leverage. Explodes from his man turns to stay in phase in 1v1 matchups.

Weaknesses: Abram’s ability to process his coverage assignment in zone is lacking, as he can fail to pick up the offensive player entering his area of responsibility. He looks lost when facing complex route combinations and doesn't identify his assignment early enough in the rep. Lacks eye discipline on PA fakes, gets overly anxious to kill the potential run, and will peak at the mesh, causing him to lose his man in coverage. Carries out some of his transitions with minimal bend, causing a hindrance in his turns. Can have uncontrolled and over aggressive pursuit angles that lead to him overshooting tackle attempts.

Overview and Insights: Abram is a physical freak who puts ball carriers on notice when they reach his area of the field. He projects favorably to a “Box Safety” role in which he addresses the run and covers the slot/TEs. He has limited value a pass defender in space and will only fit certain defensive schemes because of his play style. If he is drafted into a role in the box, he could have an elite impact level in the league due to his range and tackling ability.

Round Projection: Second

Ideal Fits: Colts, Seahawks, Cowboys, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Tony Jefferson

Scout: Taylor Moser