2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Drew Lock

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Drew Lock

Position: QB

School: Missouri

Listed Height: 6’4

Listed Weight: 228

Strengths: Lock has a pro ready body type with thickness in his arms and legs . Lock shows solid athletic traits that allow him to move the chains as a runner, and he has average feel for pressure and can slide to the bottom of the pocket to buy time. As a thrower, he constantly flashes high end arm strength and the ability to make tight window throws. He throws a naturally tight spiral and can be dangerously accurate when he sets his base, aligns, steps, and transfers his weight.  He possesses the arm talent to defeat tight man coverage over the middle and vertically down the field. The ball comes off his hand fast and hot with anticipation to hit players in stride. He uses anticipatory traits and a live arm to lead his pass catcher out of coverage and into a clean catching window. Makes touch throws with the loft to place the ball over defenders. Lock routinely changes his arm slot to warp the ball around defenders, and he can make throws outside the pocket with solid placement. He shows that he can ID cushion created by zone or off coverage and will pick that area apart as a thrower. His eyes can work quickly across the field.

Weaknesses: Lock’s most notable issue is his placement deficiencies that stem from a lack of weight transfer, post snap lower body alignment to his intended target, and falling off throws. He regularly leans off his base and opens his hips when he has to modify his platform due to pressure from the interior gaps or off the edge, causing lock to close himself off to throw. He has inconsistent pacing tendencies that will cause him to throw with too much arm power when touch is required. Can make errant throws because of his failure to rework his throwing platform after movement. Average foot speed in his setup. His batted passes at the LOS are a result of his low release point (¾ delivery).  Lock fails to quicken his release vs a free rusher or delayed pressure, and he is an aggressive thrower who takes high risk throws into a large amount of traffic. He is inconsistent at feeling backside pressure and using his instincts to move off his spot. Lock can stare at his reads as the route progresses.

Overview and Insights: Lock is a talented thrower of the football and has all of the physical traits a team can ask for. If he can improve some of the nuances of the position, then i can see him becoming a middle of the road starter after developmental time behind a seasoned NFL QB.

Round Projection: First Round

Ideal Fits: Broncos, Dolphins, Bengals, Jaguars, Chargers

Pro Comparison: Derek Carr

Scout: Taylor Moser