2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Will Grier

Picture Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Picture Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Will Grier

Position: QB

School: West Virginia

Listed Height: 6’2

Listed Weight: 217

Strengths: Grier has been a productive college QB and has consistently risen to the occasion when the game goes down to the wire. He shows good enough push and velocity off his hand and can challenge tight windows when he adds heat to the ball. Has a fluid and prompt release. Grier is at his best in an up-tempo offense where he makes quick reads to routes targeting open zones. Is sudden in his ability to release the ball at the top of his drop. Rhythmic passer who displays the capability to get hot after multiple completed quick passes. Very accurate underneath placement and shows off touch to all levels.  Manipulates the drop point well on deep touch passes to put the WR in advantageous positioning on the ball. Can anticipate route breaks and lays the ball on the WR in-stride in order to give YAC opportunities. He has the capability to make full field reads effectively.

Weaknesses: Grier has no special measurables or physical traits. Most of his playing time comes in a minimal read, spread system so making the switch to operating under center will take time. His average stature and low release point causes batted passes at the line of scrimmage. He routinely forces passes into slim throwing windows and misreads baiting defenders waiting to undercut. Can put too much air under vertical throws, causing them to sail and give DBs an easy chance to track the ball. He has gunslinger tendencies and will make errant downfield throws. Shows inconsistencies in how he dissects complex coverages post-snap. Grier can be slow through his reads or lock onto his primary target. His internal clock runs hot and cold which causes him to possess the ball too long and give up a sack instead of throwing it away. Lacks consistent ball control and  placement on movement throws off platform. Shows a slow trigger at times on tight window passes. He breaks down mechanically vs pressure and he can make open hipped throws or restrict his throwing platform by not stepping into his passes.

Overview and Insights: Grier is a solid QB who can thrive in an up-tempo passing scheme because of his rhythm and ability in the quick game. He will need developmental time but should be able to step in and be effective when needed. Grier has overcome some personal adversity but i do not see him becoming a career starter because he does not possess the traits to be an effective year to year franchise QB.

Round Projection: Third round

Ideal Fits: Patriots, Chargers, Saints

Pro Comparison: Case Keenum