2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Nick Bosa

Picture Credit: Ohio State Athletics

Picture Credit: Ohio State Athletics

Name: Nick Bosa

Position: EDGE

School: Ohio State

Listed Height: 6’4

Listed Weight: 266

Strengths: Bosa is a blueprint 5 tech 4-3 defensive end (3-4 OLB fit) because of his proficiency with a hand in the dirt, prototype length, promptness in his movements, and muscled up frame. The younger Bosa brother beats OT’s to the edge with his snap anticipation, initial quickness from his stance, and productive first steps. He usually lines up in a 3 or 4 pt stance and plays with twitched up, heavy hands. He constantly puts himself in an advantageous position due to an expansive collection of pass rush moves utilized to clear hands away from his frame. He has a productive bull rush from a leveraged stance, as he can sink, rush, and forklift lineman. Bosa uses sudden and explosive strikes draw out OT’s arms, which he follows with a fully functional pass rush plan based off his opponents movements and set. He gets his outside shoulder unlocked so that he is able to work moves and flatten successfully. Bosa consistently transitions his inside hand fit into a rip and has the ability to sell his rush with a bob. He specializes in carrying out inside counters/ an up and under move vs an over-set via his up-field burst and ability to sell a vertically aimed rush track. Bosa possesses high level ankle flexion and shoulder dip to slope down to the turf, while running an extremely clean arc with separation quickness. On run downs, he sets the edge well and can chase down runs from the backside.

Weaknesses: Bosa can rely on his upper body power too much, causing him to overextend and lose leverage, which exposes him to potentially being torqued off the ball. He does not always have accurate processing of run angles when he is the outside contain and has the speed to beat blockers to the POA but doesn't always do so. He does not bend as often as he should when at the top of the arc and can extend his path too far.

Overview and Insights: Bosa’s skill set and polish are rare occurrences coming from a player in college. The younger Bosa brother is a well rounded edge player with the ability to support the defense in a multitude of ways. Overall, he is a smooth pass rusher with elite level physical gifts that will allow him to be productive once he enters the league, while also still having some developmental upside to improve his set of skills as his career advances.

Round Projection: Top 5 pick

Ideal Fits: 49ers, Raiders, Lions

Pro Comparison: Demarcus Lawrence

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser