2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Travis Fulgham

Picture Credit: The Virginian Pilot

Picture Credit: The Virginian Pilot

Name: Travis Fulgham

Position: WR

School: Old Dominion

Listed Height: 6’2

Listed Weight: 215

Strengths: High upside WR with NFL ready physical and athletic traits such as his length and speed. Quick footed and will eat up turf with his stride length and quickness. Flashes attention to detail as a route runner. Stacks and separates vertically with high end route speed. Can accelerate and decelerate based off the CB’s movements to uncover so that he can get a free release. Specializes in 3-5 quick step releases (to separate vs inside or outside leverage) with an effective punch step (can punch out and come back across face or punch in and widen out) to cause the CB to open his hips/ stumble off balance. Carries his momentum and speed well out of his transitions to create lateral separation. Comes off hard at his breaks with minimal steps and fluid/flexible hips. Consistently showcases nuanced releases and quick feet at the LOS. Will beat side shuffles/zone turns with his initial quickness and up field acceleration. Can take advantage of spacing in the secondary and attack open zones. Does a good job disguising routes with vertical push and a quiet upper body so that he can maximize separation after his cuts while lessening the chances of route anticipation by the CB. Hand fights at the break (arm-over to clear hands from frame) and uses arm to extend and leverage the defender away from the passing window. Can use his length to effectively win at the catch point. Shows body control, concentration, tracking ability, and positioning to isolate the ball and finish. Solid sideline awareness. Gets inside placement, runs his feet, and plays to the whistle as a stalk blocker.  Has good contact balance and RAC ability.

Weaknesses: He can have some issues finishing on the ball when he has to extend out while on the move. Has shown some points where he bobbles the ball at the catch point and body catches. Can get leveraged out of the play when aligned on the plus split pre-snap. Does not sink into his breaks often.

Overview and Insights: Fulgham has shown that he can uncover with speed, physicality, and impressive route running vs regular competition in the C-USA and in games vs a higher level of competition (Virginia Tech-2018, UNC-2017). Once his potential is fully developed he can be a high end number 2 WR on a team.

Round Projection: 3rd-4th

Ideal Fits: Colts, Ravens, Titans

Pro Comparison: Tyler Boyd

Scout: Taylor Moser