2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Brian Burns

Picture Credit: Melina Myers, USA Today Sports

Picture Credit: Melina Myers, USA Today Sports

Name: Brian Burns

Position: EDGE

School: Florida State

Listed Height: 6’5

Listed Weight: 249

Strengths: Burns owns first rate linear measure in his appendages and added productive weight to his frame after the season ended. He displays proficient acceleration skills through his first steps to challenge OT’s sets and constrict the pocket. Consistently runs his arc at a rapid pace with good balance, body control, and acceleration/deceleration to get out of half-man relationship. He is destructive when he angles his track up the OTs outside shoulder due to his ability to either sell the rush and utilize an up and under move, or bend and flatten at the top of his arc. He has an adept feel for developing pass rush lanes and easily adjusts his motion and sets up his rush according to the OTs set. Is advanced and diverse in his hand usage and counter moves, while being able to deploy them early and often in the rep. His repertoire is filled with both power and finesse moves, as he possesses a cross chop, club, 2 hand swipe, spin, rip, long arm move, stab, arm-over, shoulder snatch and an up and under move. Slaps hands from his chest well enough to clean his jersey and free his hips. Burns forces pass protectors into a stumble with his jab steps and stutters.  He easily tilts his shoulder and bends to the grass with ankle flexion to condense edge space and shorten the OT’s extension range. Redirects his track to the ball carrier and can meet the the RB at the mesh when left unblocked. Creates a wide tackle radius with the range created by his reach and athleticism. He has a high motor and wraps up at the tackle point.

Weaknesses: Burns has a slender frame that needs more muscle development. He can be engulfed and turned off the ball due to his inconsistent leverage land a lack of girth in his frame. He does not have the lower body to anchor vs more powerful blocks. Leggy in his movements and has some awkwardness in his transitions when he doesn't drop his pads. Can play with poor pad level and leverage off of the snap. He fails on occasion to work his off-shoulder free from engagement, causing a loss of effectiveness in his ability to corner. Burns can get forklifted off his rush due to a lack of leverage and a productive build.

Overview and Insights: Burns Is a high upside pass rusher with impressive athletic traits and technical polish. He will need to add more functional weight and strength during his transition to the next level so that he can hold up vs elite NFL Offensive Tackles. He has the ability to play with his hand in the dirt and as a stand up pass rusher while having the upside to put up high sack numbers once he grows into his frame.

Round Projection: First round

Ideal Fits: Titans, Redskins, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Leonard Floyd

Scout: Taylor Moser