2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: William Sweet

Picture Credit: Jeffrey A. Camarati, GoHeels.com

Picture Credit: Jeffrey A. Camarati, GoHeels.com

Name: William Sweet

Position: Offensive Tackle (LT)

School: North Carolina

Listed Height: 6’6

Listed Weight: 313

Strengths: Sweet has a lean, chiseled frame with a thickly built lower half. Shows exceptional change of direction skills for a man of his size, which contributes to his above average mirror and redirect ability. Long limbed and possesses elite torsion strength. Sweet’s powerful lower half allows him to create space and displacement at the POA. His exceptional length makes it especially difficult for defenders to beat him to the outside and turn the corner. His hand positioning and grip strength lock his elbows which allows Sweet to sustain blocks through the duration of the play. Can anchor effectively against power rushes. Envelops second level defenders, and makes violent contact. Takes exceptional angles in space. Possesses impressive physical tools that will help him in his development. Drives his feet through the play, which creates holes at the LOS for RBs entry. Gains enough ground when asked to pull, which allows him to seal lanes for the ball carrier even if he isn’t initially play side.

Weaknesses: Consistency in his technique is lacking. His punch placement is often quite wide and inconsistently timed. Needs to play with more consistent knee bend, as on his sets he often strikes while bent with his waist and his back tilted forward. Needs to do a better job of replacing his hands promptly when they are knocked away, as he often doesn’t replace which allows access to his chest and creates space for the defender to maneuver. Doesn’t consistently explode out of his stance, which puts him at a disadvantage as his length and power need to work overtime to not allow penetration. Often gets out of half man relationship and relies on length to compensate.

Overview and Insights: Sweet is a scheme versatile LT who has all of the physical and athletic tools needed to succeed in the NFL. He’s capable in space, powerful at the point of attack, and has exceptional change of direction skills with the capability to mirror edge players. However, he will need the right system to maximize his tools and overcome his technical limitations. If he gets the right coaching and is developed properly through time, Sweet could come upon a starting role.

Round Projection: 4th-5th

Ideal Fits: Texans, Seahawks, Vikings

Pro Comparison: Desmond Harrison

Scout: Nathan Papandrea