2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Oshane Ximines

Picture Credit: odusports.com

Picture Credit: odusports.com

Name: Oshane Ximines

Position: EDGE

School: Old Dominion

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 253

Strengths: Ximines is a power oriented pass rusher with above average length and a good enough build. Most predominant out of a 3 point stance as a 5 technique placed outside the tackle. Has solid snap to step quickness and specializes in converting speed to power to create a productive knockback.  Attacks the chest with inside placement and can sink and maintain a strong base to effectively take on double teams. Uses the long arm technique to soften the edge and reset the pocket. Can work different moves from a stab and has the upper body strength to snatch the shoulder and can employ a hump move to get down to the QBs set point. Puts together a pre-snap rush plan to utilize as he runs the arc. Can create separation with a 2 hand swipe timed to match the OTs hand discharge. Flashes NFL caliber counter combinations such as a stab-club-cross chop. He is a quick twitch hand fighter with solid punch timing and stab placement. Has the ability to put together secondary moves when his first move is negated. Explodes up the OTs outside shoulder to cause an overset/misstep then flips hip and swims over to cross face and counter inside. Can hesi/jab to open OTs shoulders. High end arm length to meet the pass in the air and bat it down. Condenses run space with a long arm move to force runs to re-angle. Can disengage and work down the LOS to laterally shut down interior run lanes. Has decent speed and burst….. but it is not high level.  

Weaknesses: Ximines has limited body control and ankle flexion to close edge space. He often struggles to flatten and tighten his angles at the top of his arc. Has some hip tightness that shows up when he can’t quickly corner without false steps in his arc….. that unnecessarily widens his path of pursuit. Lacks consistent effectiveness in working his off-arm free from engagement. He has room to refine his counter timing and finish ability (already solid). Can misinterpret the mesh point and attack the wrong player. Needs to drop his hips into blocks more to prevent being turned off the ball. Can creep up in run support and compromise his outside leverage. Inconsistent finisher at the tackle point and goes for the ankles too often.

Overview and Insights: Ximines is a solid edge rusher who has the size of a 3-4 OLB but the traits and play style of a 4-3 DE. If he can improve his bend, pass rush angles, and body control then he can be a productive player the league in either scheme.

Round Projection: 3rd round

Ideal Fits: Chiefs, Ravens, Giants

Pro Comparison: Preston Smith

Scout: Taylor Moser