2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Nasir Adderley

Picture Credit: Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports

Picture Credit: Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports

Name: Nasir Adderley

Position: S

School: Delaware

Listed Height: 6’0

Listed Weight: 206

Strengths: Adderley is a prototype FS fit, yet has a smaller frame that can restrict his physicality. His motor and effort are apparent on tape, and Adderley’s explosiveness from the back end and acceleration allow him to close quickly on ball carriers. He covers ground with sideline to sideline range while being fluid and flexible in his hips so that he can change direction with limited restraint from his core and lower body. Maneuvers well across the field and will flash catch up speed to halt open field runs. Shows good step frequency, lower half mobility, foot coordination, and knee bend in his pedal. Opens his hips on a dime to burst into pursuit. Reads the QBs movements and eyes so that he can anticipate breaks. He has quick diagnostics and will plant and close space on the throw with high end play speed. Shows exciting ball skills and undercut ability, while also aggressively attacking the catch point. Works quickly into his coverage responsibility. Anticipates routes well from man and deep, intermediate, and underneath zones and has disciplined eyes to pick up open WRs in coverage and stay connected. Signals and communicates adjustments to the secondary. He is a wrap up tackler who sets his feet and carries momentum through his hit to finish. Adderley is an overall physical player who plays with an apparent mental edge and grit.

Weaknesses: Adderley is undersized and will need to add more muscle to his frame. He can misread the mesh and cheat up, leaving himself out of range to make a play on the ball. Can overrun his angle of attack when pursuing the ball. He usually is a well rounded tackler, but can target the feet with a loose grip.

Overview and Insights: Adderley is undersized, but possesses fluidity, ability in coverage, and ball skills which will allow him to be a playmaker in the back end as a Free Safety.

Round Projection: First Round

Ideal Fits: Cowboys, 49ers, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Kevin Byard

Scout: Taylor Moser