2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Dwayne Haskins

Picture Credit: Aaron Doster /USA TODAY Sports

Picture Credit: Aaron Doster /USA TODAY Sports

Name: Dwayne Haskins

Position: QB

School: Ohio State

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 231

Strengths: Haskins has a built frame with adequate height for the position. He is a smooth thrower without many hitches or jerks in his motion. The ball comes off of his hand quickly with a high amount of rotations and velocity. Possesses an A-Grade arm and throw range as a passer. He flashes the ability to hit throws on a line when he shows ample focus on his mechanics. Ball placement won’t be an issue with him on tight window throws, as he will usually reach his pass catchers with on-target trajectory and ball explosion. As a thrower, he times up his releases with route breaks and anticipates well enough to isolate pass catchers away from coverages. Haskins is a solid decision maker who can scan the field sideline to sideline and track back to his initial read or hot route. Displays an impressive ability to hold and manipulate safeties with his eyes in order to clear throwing lanes. He has shown that he can identify coverage holes pre and post-snap, while being able to attack them. On most reps, he will pick out disguised coverages and baiting DB’s. While in the pre-snap phase, he has 0 issues with pointing out exotic pressures or adjusting the offense. He has shown that he can sidestep pressure or move subtly in the pocket to avoid hits.

Weaknesses: Haskins is a less than marginal athlete for the position and has limitations in how freely he can move and escape the pocket. He is still working on his poise and pocket presence. Even though he showed growth in the area as the season went on, he is jittery vs pressure and free rushers from the interior and from off the edge. He has had some glimpses of mechanical breakdowns (falling off base, not aligning or torquing hips) when he senses pressure. His internal clock runs hot and cold, as there were times when he identified the blitz and got the ball out early and times when he took a sack over an incompletion due to him having a slow trigger and average backside feel. Deep misses pop up on tape where he wasn’t able to place the ball on the WR due to some mechanical issues. He suffers from batted passes at the LOS, which stems from a lower elbow dip in his release.

Overview and Insights: Haskins has one season of starting experience vs a high level of competition, but will pick up more nuances as he transitions to the next level. One of the most important evaluative factors of his game is how he was able to grow as a pocket passer as the season progressed. If he can carry that momentum into his rookie season, he should get decent results and could put up some tally's in the win column.

Haskins is a high upside, more traditional pocket passer who will develop well over time. He will need a bridge QB to gain knowledge from, but once his time comes he will be able to fill the franchise QB role for an NFL team.

Round Projection: Top 10 pick

Ideal Fits: Redskins, Dolphins, Broncos, Giants

Pro Comparison: Matthew Stafford

Scout: Taylor Moser