2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Ryquell Armstead

Picture Credit: Temple Athletics

Picture Credit: Temple Athletics

Name: Ryquell Armstead

Position: RB

School: Temple

Listed Height: 5’11

Listed Weight: 220

Strengths: Armstead has an NFL ready frame with a good amount of thickness and muscle tone. He is a coordinated and quick stepper with feet that run through the whistle. Hits top speed instantly off his initial steps. Has no wasted movements in his cuts and changes direction with free hips and flexibility. Can key in on line penetration and alter his run course away from the action. He has a sudden jump cut in his arsenal to reach openings. Will set up and manipulate tacklers with eye and upper body deception then cut to space. Can shift his path and accelerate to boost into the second level. Solid lateral burst and short area agility. His feet and eyes are synced. Reactive to widened block spacing and opening holes. He will process what angle to attack.  Lowers his center of gravity, drives his feet, and gets effective lean in the alley. Has the play strength to move off contact to his hips and torso. Dips shoulder and stays balanced. Fights to the first down marker. Has the awareness and ability to cut block on a good enough level.

Weaknesses: Is not a downfield burner and won’t consistently beat out LB and DB’s pursuit angles. Doesn’t always have the requisite contact balance and can be bottled up by leg tackles. Late to cut on stretch runs and can miss reads.  Is inconsistent in how often he can shake defenders and clean up his run path. Would benefit from added refinement in his catching technique (catch away from frame). Needs to drop his pads into engagement and block with consistent inside hand placement.

Overview and Insights: Armstead is a solid downhill runner with quick feet and easy cutting ability. He has spurts where he looks a lot like a feature back and some points where he isn’t as savvy with the ball as I’d like. He can fit in as a number 2, change of pace RB and can potentially be revolved into a starting role. At Temple, Armstead was given a number under 10 , which designates a “Temple tough” player.

Round Projection: 3rd-5th round

Ideal Fits: Raiders, Bills, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Lamar Miller

Scout: Taylor Moser