2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Kelvin Harmon

Picture Credit: USA Today

Picture Credit: USA Today

Name: Kelvin Harmon

Position: WR

School: NCST

Listed Height: 6’2

Listed Weight: 221

Strengths: Harmon has top level length that creates a wide radius at the catch point, and is a three-level receiver with a developed route tree. He shows instant acceleration off the LOS and can mix stutters, jabs, and counters into his release to beat press man. He displays foot quickness in his routes and uses a quick shake or eye/shoulder deception to manipulate DBs into mis-calculating their hip direction. Progresses his routes up the field well to stack CBs and get enough separation to open a passing window.  He uses his length and physical traits to leverage separation in tight windows. Has the frame to box out defenders and isolate the ball in the air. Shows off burst over the middle on crossing routes. Is sudden in how he decelerates and breaks off curls/comebacks to beat off coverage or a vertically sprinting DB. Has speed and hip fluidity into his cuts. Avidly works back to passes to cut off attempts to pick off the football. Processes zone spacing well and knows when to adjust his routes to the coverage layout. Harmon has the hands to naturally pluck the ball away from his frame and tracks the ball decisively over his shoulder. He illustrates A+ body control to be able to make 180 degree adjustments on the ball. Harmon is an aggressor who will attack across the DBs body for the ball and finishes on fades and jump ball situations. He shows intense focus on the ball without losing speed and catches the ball when it touches his hands. Active downfield blocker with solid placement.

Weaknesses: Harmon’s biggest issue is that he doesn't showcase high end separation speed to uncover clearly vs speedier corners. He can widen his route too far to the sideline and get leveraged out of bounds. He has more room to cut down on his steps and sink into his cuts.

Overview and Insights: Harmon is a wide radius pass catcher with elite ball tracking and body control. He has the upside to fill a roster as an X receiver and can make up for his lack of explosiveness with his routes and physicality. Harmon will be a risk and isn't exactly a clear cut evaluation, but he is a plug and play type with high potential based off his above the rim skill set and quality ability as a route runner.

Round Projection: First

Ideal Fits: Colts, Jets, Bills, Dolphins

Pro Comparison: Allen Robinson

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser