2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Jachai Polite

Picture Credit: Donald Page-Getty Images

Picture Credit: Donald Page-Getty Images

Name: Jachai Polite

Position: EDGE

School: Florida

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 258

Strengths: Polite is an established sack artist off the edge with intriguing pass rush traits. He shows excellent snap to step quickness to beat OTs sets off of the LOS. Is a fluid mover with acceleration skills and flexibility in his lower body and mid-section. Carries his speed well through his arc and in lateral movements down the LOS. He can make subtle movements and adjust his body to the ball carrier. Possesses elite level edge bend and tilt derived from ankle flexion, hip flexibility, and shoulder dip. He can corner and flatten his path to the QB to condense edge space. He has the bend and balance to stay attached to the arc in his dip-rip. Polite syncs up with the OTs punch and feels and sinks under strikes to keep his jersey clean. He can attack with violence and power in his hands to gain knockback or to soften the edge. Is usually the first to punch and has an effective stab to set up other moves and keep the OT of his chest. Polite flashes polished and quick twitch hand usage and has extreme upside in that area. He has a nasty spin move and can recover when it is broken down. Shows the vertical springs to challenge the pass in the air at the LOS.  Can work down the LOS to mirror, slip, and fill vs the run and has the straight line burst to be effective in a backside chase down role. Polite has the initial quickness to blow up the play at the mesh and is a wrap up tackler.

Weaknesses: He has average arm length and will need to fill out is frame more. Polite gets engulfed by doubles, combos, and aggressive down blocks. He can have his rush negated early by a strong anchor and would benefit from some added overall strength. He has the tendency to stand up off the snap and sacrifice his center of gravity, causing him to get turned off his point and to lose his positioning when setting the edge. Polite NEEDS to have a pre-snap rush plan In place on passing downs to be a consistent edge presence and can struggle to incorporate counters into his game. Can take extended pass rush angles, fail to bend and flatten, and can widen his rush track out of the QBs range. He has SOME tightness in his hips. Some reports have come out that state that he may have some character concerns, and he had poor performances in the combine interviews and at his pro day workout.

Overview and Insights: Polite has raw traits, but he can collapse the corner and shows some dominant pass rush ability. He fits best in a stand-up OLB role in a 3-4 front because of his frame, and how he gains the most explosiveness from a 2 point stance. He has to further polish his hands, but he has the budding skills to blossom after time with an NFL coaching staff and should provide production on a game to game basis (if he can stay out of trouble).

Round Projection: 1st-2nd round

Ideal Fits: Packers, Ravens, Titans, Jets

Pro Comparison: Melvin Ingram

Scout: Taylor Moser