2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: DK Metcalf

Picture Credit: Ole Miss Athletics

Picture Credit: Ole Miss Athletics

Name: DK Metcalf

Position: WR

School: Ole Miss

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 228

Strengths: Metcalf possesses long arms, long legs, and bulk through his limbs. He is a three layer receiver with excellent ball tracking and adjustment skills. DK uncovers from DB’s with a combination of speed and physicality. He counters press at the LOS with a club-arm over and utilizes multiple jab steps in his release. Metcalf has the long speed to stack, separate, and clear his hips while working vs 1 on 1 man. Disguises routes in his stem by eluding with his upper body and using a head/eye fake and quick feet to manipulate DBs hips. Sets up in-breaking routes with jabs and foot fakes to move and commit corners early. He can be an effortless hand catcher with plus extension to pluck, control, and pull back outside his frame throws. He illustrates high end hand-eye coordination at the catch point. Matches physicality with physicality and can dominate at a contested catch point. Uses his arm length to clear away defenders so that he can work into catch position. Has the speed to close in on downfield throws. He makes easy YAC in the open field due to his burst and agility.

Weaknesses: Metcalf gets too upright in his cuts and needs to sink into his hips and bend at his knees more to create easier changes of direction. He shows some wasted steps at the top of his routes, and has limited route tree exposure. Since he is so built up in his upper body, his flexibility and ability to adjust could be hindered.  He can widen angles in his routes too far to the sideline, giving CBs advantageous leverage and making it tough for him to cut inside. Lets far too many throws travel into his chest, and suffers from focus drops. He has suffered a broken foot and a neck injury.

Overview and Insights: Metcalf has the raw talent and developmental upside to be an elite level WR in the league. He has some inconsistencies in how he runs routes, but his speed, strength, and ability to finish at the catch point project to a dynamic X receiver who can potentially be a game changer on Sundays.  

Round Projection: 1st

Ideal Fits: Redskins, BIlls, Jaguars, Ravens

Pro Comparison: Josh Gordon

Scout: Taylor Moser