2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Ed Oliver

Picture Credit: USA Today Sports

Picture Credit: USA Today Sports

Name: Ed Oliver

Position: DT

School: Houston

Listed Height: 6’2

Listed Weight: 287

Strengths: Oliver is a twitched up athlete with impressive traits. He generates explosiveness from his first step and attacks blockers with leg drive and a high charge in his punch. Due to his initial quickness, he can beat block movement early and penetrate vs the run. He has the ability to push the pocket with a speed to power conversion to reset the line of scrimmage. When unleashed, he can cleanly change direction and transition into his pursuit of the ball carrier with quality closing quickness. He speedily covers ground laterally and can mirror runs, scrape, and fill gaps. He consistently beats reaches due to his quickness and balance. On outside runs, he accesses his motor and meets the runner on the perimeter.  He consistently fires into the blockers chest and locates an inside hand fit. Oliver possesses debilitating power on a down to down basis that allows him to create knockback and to manipulate blockers into condensing run lanes. Versus double teams, he leverages himself under blocks, gets his base set, establishes balance, and is able to split between blockers and hold his point. He forcibly plays off blocks with a mightyful punch and re-extension aptness to clear his frame and run stop at the point of attack. As a point of attack defender, he shows that he can punch and locate while also being able to anchor with requisite lower half strength. He can condense his pads through tight gaps and manifests flexibility in his ankles and hips to bend and flatten. On passing downs, he is able to rip, snatch the shoulder, or pull an arm over in order to clear his rush angle.

Weaknesses: Oliver has some frame limitations that can cause him to be turned off the ball and washed down the LOS. His lack of length exposes his chest and he goes to work with an unrefined collection of hand moves and fails to implement a pass rush plan. His hand activity runs hot and cold, as he can get controlled at the chest and not counter back, then later completely dominate the rep with quality hand usage. Points show up on tape where he stands up out of his stance and sacrifices leverage or gap control due to a lack of knee bend.

Overview and Insights: Ed Oliver is a specimen who NFL teams will love to get their hands on due to his traits and versatility. Oliver lined up across the defensive front at Houston and was most predominantly used as a NT with a lot of slants and movement incorporated into his game. Overall, Oliver is a raw Defensive Tackle who flashes brilliance but then disappears off the tape. The development of his hands will enable him to be a constant threat and he has the upside to be a high level, disruptive interior player who translates to the league as an impactful 3 technique.

Round Projection: Top 15 pick

Ideal Fits: Dolphins, Bills, Falcons

Pro Comparison: Geno Atkins

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser