2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Rodney Anderson

Picture Credit: Brett Deering/Getty Images

Picture Credit: Brett Deering/Getty Images

Name: Rodney Anderson

Position: RB

School: Oklahoma

Listed Height: 6’0

Listed Weight: 224

Strengths: Anderson has a long frame, lean upper body, and some useful lower body mass. He takes a majority of his snaps out of the single i or spread and can run behind multiple blocking schemes. He shows effortless upfield acceleration to outrun LB/DB’s angles in the second level. Has impressive stop-start and suddenly plants into a cut or change of direction. Shows solid balance and body control and is fluid and flexible in his hips while getting knee bend into his cuts. His feet and eyes are on the same page, allowing him to weave and flow through defensive traffic. Reactive and instinctive runner with foot speed and jump ability to reach the opening. Highly agile and can duck shoulder to evade tackle attempts in space. Is a home run hitter outside the tackles and is an urgent downfield sprinter. Good enough eye work and feel for lane development and angles. Keys in on the block spacing and knows when and how to attack it. Puts together a nasty stiff arm to create space and plays with fight. Sustains forward motion vs contact. Natural hands in the passing game and sinks into his breaks.

Weaknesses: Has a stacked up injury history over the duration of his time at Oklahoma (broken leg, fractured vertebra, Knee Injury). Upright runner who can fail to incorporate leverage and consistent finishing power into his rushing style. Can miss cut back opportunities. In blocking reps, he engages with his shoulder, has undisciplined hand timing and placement, and his eyes drop.

Overview and Insights: Anderson is one of the most talented RB’s in this draft class, BUT his injury history diminishes his stock (REASON FOR GRADE DROP). If he can get away from consistently missing time, then he has high upside as a 2 phase back (runner and receiver) who has the “nothing into something” ability to make an impact as a featured back for an NFL offense.

Round Projection: 3rd-7th

Ideal Fits: Raiders, Buccaneers, Bills

Pro Comparison: Alex Collins

Scout: Taylor Moser