2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Andy Isabella

Picture Credit: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Picture Credit: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Name: Andy Isabella

Position: WR

School: UMASS

Listed Height: 5’9

Listed Weight: 188

Strengths: Isabella has explosive athleticism with dynamic straight line acceleration. He is a versatile threat from a slot alignment, as he runs detailed routes to any portion of the field while being able to take the ball off of created touches. Is adept at finding run space after the catch and has the speed and agility to make it difficult for defenders to effectively gain an angle on him. As a pass catcher, he CAN reel in the ball away from his frame (inconsistent) with quality hand arrangement on the ball and can make 180 degree adjustments to reach the catch point. He is a sharp and nuanced route runner who flashes the ability to create separation in all phases of his route development. Easily turns his hips and explodes out of his cuts. He sinks his hips well into his transitions and has natural change of direction skills. While he is a nuanced route runner with deceptive and sometimes pristine footwork, he has breakneck speed that overwhelms defenses vertically. Processing zones and coverage spacing comes easily to Andy Isabella. He stations his cuts under corners and in cushions in coverage, while being able to key vacated zones. In his releases at the line of scrimmage, he has crafty footwork that includes a jab step or foot fire in order to stop the DB and create space. He can use his hands to aid separation. Shows willingness as a blocker.

Weaknesses: While he is a slot WR, Isabella is still undersized and will take a beating from physical NFL defenders. He lacks the length and leaping ability to make plays at the high point and lets some balls into his chest. Due to his size, he can get caught up vs physical coverage and can struggle to finish at contested catch points. He can take too many wasted steps at the top of his route to attempt to juke defenders.

Overview and Insights: Isabella is a shifty and explosive slot threat who challenges the defense in an abundance of ways. He offers nuanced route running ability with easy changes of direction and explosive movements. He translates to a high end, reliable slot WR who can make plays at any part of the field and in crucial moments.

Round Projection: 3rd-5th

Ideal Fits: Patriots, Cowboys, Texans, Dolphins

Pro Comparison: Phillip Dorsett

Scout: Taylor Moser