2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Kyler Murray

Picture Credit: AP

Picture Credit: AP

Name: Kyler Murray

Position: QB

School: Oklahoma

Listed Height: 5’10

Listed Weight: 205 (Pro Day)

Strengths: Murray comes in on the shorter side, but has built up muscle features through his frame and can wiggle away from hits. He is a dynamic athlete who is extremely mobile and responsive to opening run lanes and edge pressure. He senses defenders through his peripheral and is able to move linearly and laterally in the pocket to avoid defenders. Murray easily creates distance between himself and the defense in order to clear space for him to go through his delivery. As a runner, he is exceedingly explosive in his movements and changes direction easily with short strides. Murray is the most dangerous when functioning away from his original spot and when on the move. He is accurate off of altered launch points and finds creative ways to deliver the ball down the field. He displays quality ball control and command of his accuracy when on the move. As a thrower, he fires through his hips and drives his weight forward towards his target to enhance his accuracy. Has a smooth release with a strong wrist snap and a quick motion. He displays a live arm that throws a violent ball and can add juice to fit tight windows. Versus pressure, Murray can step up and quicken his throw process. He has the pure arm talent to make open hipped throws accurately, but also has exact placement when all of his lower and upper body movements and mechanics are in sync. He exhibits a quick trigger as a passer and can hit receivers in stride with top level anticipation and timing. Is able to effectively pace and match his throw speed to the route speed. Murray layers throws well and has an easy ability to drop the ball away from DBs and locate it on the pass catchers back shoulder. He is a precision vertical passer with solid overall ball flight on deep strikes.

Weaknesses: Murray’s combination of a limited build and a semi-consistent running style may lead to injuries down the road if he does not consistently slide instead of taking a hit. Because of how athletic he is, Murray can “dance” around the pocket and give defenders more of a chance to close space instead of him throwing the ball away, causing a higher amount of sack opportunities and chunks of lost yardage. When processing the field, he misses baiting defenders in his reads and watches receivers work out of coverages, therefore telegraphing his throws. He consistently has a hard time moving off his first read. Due to his short stature, he is more susceptible to batted passes at the LOS, especially when he gets into the league and players are bigger and more athletic. Since he has natural passing traits in his arm, he can lose mechanical usage in his throws and some passes may get away from him.

Overview and Insights: Kyler Murray is a rare talent bundled up into a less than desirable build for a franchise QB. His skillset as a top level athlete who can easily outrun pursuit angles mixed with his natural, and evolved passing traits make him a high potential prospect. His game is not perfect, but his athleticism and ability to throw to any route on the route tree outweighs his frame limitations. If he is fortunate enough to play in a system tailored to his style, he could be one of the most electrifying QB’s in the game.

Round Projection: Top 15

Ideal Fits: Redskins, Cardinals, Raiders, Giants

Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson

Scout: Taylor Moser