2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Tyree Jackson

Picture Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Picture Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Tyree Jackson

Position: QB

School: Buffalo

Listed Height: 6’7

Listed Weight: 249

Strengths: Standing at 6’7, Jackson towers over the rest of the field due to his height and has a wiry build in his arms and legs. As a thrower, he has elite level arm talent with flashes of tight fit completions and has the range to make throws to any portion of the field. The ball flies out of Jackson’s hand and he maintains quality velocity and zip through the balls travel. He shows that he can anticipate and lead receivers out of coverage. Has ample loft to place ball over defenders or on the pass catchers back shoulder. Gaining depth in his drops won’t be an issue, as his stride lengths allow him to eat up ground. He can pace his throws to match route speed. When he transfers his weight and aligns, he is an accurate short-intermediate passer who can put the ball on a line deep. Jackson CAN process the field and work his eyes across the formation. When in the pocket, he displays that he can withstand hits with contact balance, as well as slide linearly and laterally to avoid pressure. Functions well off of movement to both sides, and can riffle the ball to receivers down the field when off platform or off movement.

Weaknesses: Jackson tends to flash some failures to have clean throwing footwork, as he can overstride, not step in, and fail to align. He is inconsistent in how he feels his surroundings in the pocket and has a hot and cold internal clock that tells him when he needs to get the ball out. Loses control of deep passes due to lack of mechanical usage. Due to his trust in his arm and misreading of coverage layouts, he can make questionable throws into tight windows and can completely overlook baiting defenders. Ball protection issues arise with him outside the pocket, as he lacks the discipline to keep his off-hand attached to the ball.

Overview and Insights: Tyree Jackson has rare physical traits and flashes that he can make any throw based purely on his arm strength. He needs more discipline and technical refinement in his game, but he has the tools to make an impact as a starter once developed. After time on an NFL team with a solid support system and development plan in place for his skill set, Jackson CAN turn into an average+ starter in the league or a decent backup.

Round Projection: 3rd Round

Ideal Fits: Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, Broncos

Pro Comparison: Paxton Lynch

Scout: Taylor Moser