2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Deionte Thompson

Picture Credit: Alabama Athletics

Picture Credit: Alabama Athletics

Name: Deionte Thomspon

Position: FS

School: Alabama

Listed Height: 6’1

Listed Weight: 195

Strengths: Thompson is a long and athletic FS who has the range to man the deep portion of the field in single high coverage. He covers ground quickly in all of his movements, including shifts and when pursuing the ball carrier. Is extremely loose hipped and changes direction and transitions smoothly. He has top level range and ball skills from the back end that allow him to track and get his hands on the football. While in coverage, Thompson flashes his instincts and feel, as he can anticipate routes and throw direction. Reads and reacts to throws in an instant and flashes to the ball carrier from his alignment. He closes space on the ball with bursts of acceleration to blaze across the field to halt the run. When he flips the switch, he can access his sideline to sideline range and close passing windows when approaching from the opposite area of the field. Can match route speeds and stay connected in 1on1 coverage. Displays the ability to remain patient, diagnose, and stay linked when playing over the slot. Can be physical in the stem and at the break. Comes downhill to fill vs the run and shows effort in run support. Has the focus to pick the ball carrier out of a crowd and shows nasty hit power at the tackle point.

Weaknesses: Thompson has a really slim frame. Due to his aggressiveness, he can overshoot his angles as a tackler and in coverage. A wide base in coverage can cause a lack of sharpness in his turns. In zone coverage, he can get caught peeking into the backfield and inconsistently processes his assignments. He lacks the consistent leverage to hold his ground at the point of attack and can strike at the ankles or with his shoulder as a tackler.

Overview and Insights: Thompson is a high upside FS prospect who covers ground with elite level sideline to sideline range. His ball skills and athleticism set him apart, but he has to develop his body, processing, discipline, and tackling mechanics. If developed in the right system, he can be a quality starting FS in the NFL.

Round Projection: 1st-2nd

Ideal Fits: Seahawks, Jaguars, Chargers, Cowboys, Niners, Buccaneers, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Marcus Williams

Scout: Taylor Moser