2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: N'Keal Harry

Picture Credit: Kynan Marlin, The Republic

Picture Credit: Kynan Marlin, The Republic

Name: N’Keal Harry

Position: WR

School: Arizona State

Listed Height: 6’2

Listed Weight: 228

Strengths: Harry is a physically imposing pass catcher with thickness and muscle definition streamlined through his frame. He displays the vertical springs and body control to be able to get up and track the ball in the air. Easily locates throws over his shoulder and can reset his hands into a good position at the catch point. Consistently fights for the ball with defenders draped on his back and has the hand strength to finish through contact. He has the ability to turn his body and get on top of poorly thrown balls. He can accelerate and decelerate in his routes to find a leverage point to uncover. In his stem, he can bait DBs into pulling up on a route, opening an up field cut. He releases off of the LOS with hesitation steps and can jab. After the catch, he shows extreme play making ability as a pass catcher off of screens and underneath passes. He runs with agility and contact balance after the catch, while being able to visualize run lanes and use a stiff arm to clear tacklers away. He is a functional blocker on the perimeter who can frame defenders well when he puts the effort in.

Weaknesses: Harry is more of a power based WR and lacks true vertical separation speed. He suffers from focus drops and inconsistent finishes on passes over his head. Will not release with speed off of the line of scrimmage, and he has some hip tightness that restricts how quickly he can turn.

Overview and Insights: Harry is an exciting WR who makes exciting grabs and electrifying runs after the catch. He does not possess the speed or fluidity to consistently break away from coverage in the NFL and will rely on 50/50 balls, quick passes, and route running mastery to get his hands on the ball as a pass catcher. He will need to further develop his routes, but In the NFL, he projects as a number 2 WR or big slot who can attack the D as a pass catcher and off of created touches.

Round Projection: 1st-2nd

Ideal Fits: Bills, Jets, Ravens, Cardinals, Redskins

Pro Comparison: Dez Bryant

Scout: Taylor Moser