2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Clelin Ferrell

Picture Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Picture Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Name: Clelin Ferrell

Position: EDGE

School: Clemson

Listed Height: 6’4

Listed Weight: 264

Strengths: Ferrell has a truly developed frame with quality arm length and functional strength. He often gets a sudden jump out of his stance and has quality snap anticipation. He suddenly works into his rush and uses his hands and extension to initialize control of the tackles chest. Consistently re-extends and locks out to establish space between himself and the blocker. When working off of upfield acceleration, he can drop his pads, as well as fit his hands inside to convert speed to power. He is usually the first to strike and lands punches accurately and powerfully to the chest plate. Shows off quick twitch hands that allows him to easily deploy and string moves together. Ferrell sends out multiple counters to shrug hands from his body and clear a rush angle. As a pass rusher, Ferrell works to get his off-shoulder free so that he can attempt to flatten in order to shorten edge space. Ferrell can drop his shoulder to avoid punches from the OT, and has a club-rip, 1 and 2 hand swipe, swim, long arm, and chop in his arsenal of pass rush moves. Clelin excels at up and under moves because of his ability to sell a vertical rush and then counter across the tackle. As a run defender, he sets the edge well and is able to disengage to meet the run. He has worked in the flats in coverage.

Weaknesses: Ferrell lacks explosiveness in his movements, but he gets the job done with suddenness and short area bursts. He struggles to get high degrees of bend and shows some tightness when cornering. His hips also restrict how quickly he can adjust to the tackle point. On run downs, Ferrell can track too far up to the mesh and angle incorrectly on play actions. Can take false steps into his turns and shows late flatten timing. Points show up on tape where he cant anchor due to a high center of gravity.

Overview and Insights: Ferrell is a solid edge defender who is best suited in a 4-3 due to his average movement skills and effectiveness when his hand is in the dirt. He is at his best when playing what’s in from of him and has extremely polished pass rush moves to get to the QB. While he doesn’t have a super high, Ferrell can be a quality starting edge defender in the league who will be a reliable presence on all 3 downs.

Round Projection: 1st

Ideal Fits: Dolphins, Raiders, Patriots

Pro Comparison: Derek Barnett

Scout: Taylor Moser