2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Sean Bunting

Picture Credit: Cody Scanlan

Picture Credit: Cody Scanlan

Name: Sean Bunting

Position: CB

School: Central Michigan

Listed Height: 6’0

Listed Weight: 195

Strengths: Bunting is a prototype press corner with exemplary length and a wiry build. He is effective when aligned facemask to facemask with the WR so that he can close off space and roadblock routes due to his physical jam. Bunting remains patient vs releases and swallows up WRs early at the LOS with extreme press strength. He possesses shock in his strikes that can block routes or re-route WRs off of their release or stem. Consistently shows aggressiveness in his hands and works to stay attached to the hip. When transitioning with cuts, his lower half is flexible, allowing him to open and turn swiftly in his changes of direction. He has the ability to match speed oriented pass catchers and accelerates well enough to carry WRs vertically. Has good secondary burst from a misstep to close on routes. Condenses throwing windows to either side and at the high point due to his length usage. He has the physicality and knowledge of leverage points to squeeze the WR to the sideline, therefore taking away the routes ability to work to the MOF. When his sight is in the backfield, he can process the QBs movements, identify the route break, and close on the throw. Even though he is inconsistent doing so, he can shift his head around downfield and locate the football. He has a lot of experience in bail and has functional processing in cover 3. As a tackler, he can wrap and finish.

Weaknesses: Bunting has room to add more muscle mass to his frame in order to be able to hang with bigger receivers and work off blocks with less strain. Due to his length, he can struggle to play with lowered pads, making it harder for him to transition in coverage and leverage vs blocks in run support. He can fall into his punches at the LOS and is overly physical though the route development, which will lead to PI calls at the next level. He has some hindered turns caused by a widened base. He needs to consistently get his head around and find the football.

Overview and Insights: Bunting is one of the most physical press corners in this class and exhibits desirable traits such as length, quickness, fluidity, processing ability, and physicality. He will have to clean up his footwork and alter how he attacks WR’s to prevent penalties, but he can be a day one starter in a cover 3 scheme and showcases the upside to be a lockdown corner.

Round Projection: Second

Ideal Fits: Niners, Seahawks, Redskins, Browns, Chiefs, Cowboys

Pro Comparison: Marlon Humphrey

Scout: Taylor Moser