2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Deandre Baker

Picture Credit: Sports Illustrated

Picture Credit: Sports Illustrated

Name: Deandre Baker

Position: CB

School: Georgia

Listed Height: 5’11

Listed Weight: 193

Strengths: Baker is a physical press/off man corner who is well versed in zone coverage. He comes to work with a mental edge and no competition is too big for him. In man coverage, he is fluid enough in his initial turn when he drops his hips and will get a productive strike at the line of scrimmage. Easy accelerations and decelerations allow him to stay linked to deviating route speeds. He walls off receivers after a half turn in order to effectively crowd them to the perimeter. Uses initial quickness, slide, and press strength to cut off lateral and speed releases. Mirrors and remains in the hip pocket to prohibit clear cut changes of direction. From off coverage, Baker can plant off of his back foot and close space to the top of the receiver's route.  He uses his hands to redirect the receiver in their stem and to gain an advantage at the top of the route. He can bail into zone and is very disciplined when processing spacings. He can key in on the QBs movements while staying in phase in coverage. One of Bakers strong suits is his ability to get his hand on the ball at the catch point. He turns his head and locates the throw, then extends his arm to get a PBU. He is willing in run support.

Weaknesses: He is a little undersized and will need to add more mass. Baker’s eyes can get caught glancing into the backfield and his feet can slow down, causing him to give up space in coverage. He has average overall deep speed, and can struggle to stay attached to burners in coverage. Plays high in his pedal, which hinders his ability to turn smoothly in space. He can recruit more power to make his jam at the LOS more effective and has the tendency to stay latched on to the WR too far in the break, causing his feet to stop or slow down. His consistent over physicality in the route will cause PI calls at the next level.

Overview and Insights: Deandre Baker is a scheme versatile player who should be able to be effective in both a zone and man coverage scheme. He is physical in all phases of his game and possesses the processing and mirror skills to keep receivers on lock. He should be a productive corner at the next level regardless of his size.

Round Projection: 1st-2nd

Ideal Fits: Chiefs, Jets, Dolphins, Browns

Pro Comparison: Malcolm Butler

Scout: Taylor Moser