2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Quinnen Williams

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Name: Quinnen Williams

Position: DT

School: Alabama

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 303

Strengths: Williams has elite leverage on the interior with complementary hand usage. He has an endless array of counters and hand moves to rely on when playing the run and the pass. Can perform a double swim, club rip, bull rush, and push pull at an exceptionally high level. Rarely ever gives up his chest, and can disengage from 1v1 matchups with ease. On double teams, he shows the capability to split by dropping his outside knee and driving his hips and legs forward. Consistently locks his hands into the interior of the offensive lineman’s chest, which gives him control of the lineman’s movements. He locks out with thumbs up, which torques and locks his elbows in order to make it harder for the offensive lineman to replace his hands. Impossible athlete for size, as he has the ankle flexion and hip fluidity to function laterally and be an upfield penetrator. He is extremely explosive out of his stance, as his first step quickness and elite athleticism makes him too quick for interior blockers to strike at with a stable platform and square shoulders. Williams can easily split zone blocks  and move laterally down the line of scrimmage to close on ball carriers. He has a powerful anchor at the point of attack and will never be moved out of his gap. Williams is explosive, powerful, and can convert speed to power on passing downs to condense the pocket. He possesses versatility to play anywhere on a down front while performing at a high level. No character concerns.

Weaknesses: Possesses average length and physical tools. Could stand to add more mass and thickness at the next level.

Overview and Insights: Quinnen Williams is an elite interior defensive lineman with the hands, athleticism, power, and flexibility to be an All-Pro his rookie year. He is constantly disruptive on a game by game basis, and projects to a disruptive, penetrating 3 technique year one.

Round Projection: Top 5 Pick

Ideal Fits: Oakland, San Francisco, Arizona, New York Jets

Pro Comparison: Gerald McCoy

Scout: Nathan Papandrea