2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Julian Love

Picture Credit: Z ach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

Picture Credit: Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

Name: Julian Love

Position: CB

School: Notre Dame

Listed Height: 5’11

Listed Weight: 195

Strengths: Love is a quicker than fast corner with average body dimensions. He has experience playing off, press, and over the slot. In his backpedal, he bends at his knees to recruit a lower center of gravity, which allows him to be mostly smooth when he opens and runs. He has quick and coordinated steps that allow him to mirror and close down spacing. He pops out of his transitions with the ability to stay in phase as the WR goes through their break. Love stays square in his shuffle vs releases and is calculated enough in his approach to not unlock his hips too early. He uses his peripheral and overall instincts to be able to feel routes and pass lanes, and can move into a spot to defend the pass. He has the ball skills to get across the body and deflect. Love has some size restrictions, but plays with enough grit to overcome his length and strength.

Weaknesses: Love has average length and has a smaller overall build. He can get overpowered in the red area by bigger receivers and at the top of the route. He has to overextend into his jam to compensate for a lack of length, causing his weight to fall forward and his feet to stop. When changing direction, he has a little tightness in his hips and can struggle to gear down to match breaks. Does not turn his head and identify throws consistently and can get beat deep due to his speed. In zone coverage, he lacks the speed to cover his area and can fail to properly identify his assignments. On run downs, he struggles to play off blocks and does not have enticing finishing ability at the tackle point.

Overview and Insights: Love does not have the desirable build and speed of an NFL Corner, but he finds ways to stay in phase in coverage. Due to his inconsistencies in zone, he projects to a man coverage scheme. He can be a solid nickel CB on an NFL team due to his ability to stay in phase, his instincts, and ball skills.

Round Projection: 2nd-3rd

Ideal Fits: Browns, Giants, Buccaneers

Pro Comparison: Trae Waynes

Scout: Taylor Moser