2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Miles Sanders

Picture Credit: Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Picture Credit: Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Name: Miles Sanders

Position: RB

School: Penn State

Listed Height: 5’11

Listed Weight: 211

Strengths: Sanders has developed muscle mass with a quality build in his arms and legs. He sets up his runs after the exchange with patient feet and a quiet upper body to allow him to read the layout and mask his intended direction. Behind the line of scrimmage, he scans intently and waits out for blocks to angle and form run lanes. He pops out of his of his cuts and slants his run downfield with fluidity in his hips. Shows off the reactionary quickness to cut out once he senses pressure and he weaves away from defenders without strain. He creates added separation as a runner due to his stop start moves, which causes defenders to over approach. Sanders has playmaking ability and elusiveness as a runner, and he drops and swivels his hips to make balanced transitions. His eyes and feet are connected, allowing him to change direction when he sees an opening. He works through holes with bursts of acceleration, and he has shown that he can put together some “get-away” speed in space. Sanders keeps his momentum forward and has solid contact balance that keeps him stable vs tackle attempts. Absorbs strikes to his lower body due to the strength in his ankles and thighs. When tracking toward condensed run lanes, he can shorten his width and shift through. As a pass catcher, he is direct at the top of his routes, can make catches outside of his frame, and is dangerous with the ball in his hands. Sanders can mirror rushers as a blocker.

Weaknesses: Sanders has ball protection issues, as he put 5 balls on the ground in 220 attempts, while losing 4 to the defense (18-19). He has tunnel vision at times, as he can miss cutbacks and fail to move his eyes from his primary read. Can be slow to transition north-south when running laterally behind the LOS. He needs to use his hands better as a blocker, but shows the willingness that i look for.

Overview and Insights: Sanders is a slippery, patient, and fluid runner who has some functional power in his run style. He has a moldable upside with apparent athletic traits that can potentially spell out a highly productive career. Due to his running ability, upside as a pass catcher, and effort as a blocker, Sanders projects as a number one running back who can have an impact on all 3 downs.

Round Projection: Second

Ideal Fits: Bears, Texans, Buccaneers

Pro Comparison: Kerryon Johnson

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser