2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Devin White

Picture Credit:  Rick Scuteri, Associated Press

Picture Credit: Rick Scuteri, Associated Press

Name: Devin White

Position: LB

School: LSU

Listed Height: 6’0

Listed Weight: 237

Strengths: White is a thick, chiseled inside linebacker with well distributed weight throughout his body. He has exceptional pursuit speed and possesses the capability of being a consistent sideline to sideline football player. While being functional laterally, he also is a downhill presence who can fill gaps and blitz with discipline. He can get skinny as a blitzer, while using his twitch to put himself in advantageous positions in space. When attempting to stack a climbing Offensive Lineman, he shoots his hands violently with correct hand positioning to ensure proper force distribution, creating knockback and space to maneuver. Is a violent finisher at the tackle point, as he runs his feet through contact and has the necessary torsion strength to finish often. Shows a vast amount of potential in coverage. He covers a large amount of ground in a hurry and scrapes with exceptional discipline while leveraging the play.

Weaknesses: White is very capable and violent at the tackle point, however he often overruns tackles because of a lack of balance upon contact. His instincts are average, as he often reacts late and loses discipline in his eyes. He takes the bait with motion constantly, which leads to incorrect run fits. He shows ability to stack blocks, but rarely ever can counter an offensive lineman or use his hands to get free from an Offensive Lineman’s grasp. He relies strictly on his strike and quickness in space as a result of his raw hand usage. Needs technical refinement in coverage. Can sometimes be seen blitzing using his shoulder, instead of hands to create penetration.

Overview and Insights: He is an unfinished product, but Devin White is a supremely athletic, violent linebacker who has All-Pro potential. He’s a true sideline to sideline football player who possesses the toughness and the rugged play style necessary to be the leader of an NFL defense for a long time. However, to fully reach that ceiling, he needs more technical refinement in his hands, discipline in reading his keys and a larger coverage understanding.

Round Projection: Top 15 Pick

Ideal Fits: Raiders, Bengals, Buccaneers

Pro Comparison: Myles Jack

Scout: Nathan Papandrea