2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Benny Snell

Picture Credit; 247 Sports

Picture Credit; 247 Sports

Name: Benny Snell

Position: RB

School: Kentucky

Listed Height: 5’10

Listed Weight: 224

Strengths: Snell has a powerfully built frame with good muscle mass through his limbs. He shows solid contact balance and the ability to drop his pads and absorb tackle attempts. As a runner, he hits it hard downfield with apparent aggressiveness in the alley. Has the core strength and foot drive to run through and twist off contact. Runs with secondary power and solid recovery after the first hit. He keeps defenders off his frame by deploying a stiff arm and will rip through arm tackles. Shows some foot lightness and can be easy in his jump cut to avoid contact and reach the opening. Has average acceleration from the mesh point and out of his cuts. Can sink into his cuts to minimize wasted movement. Good enough body control and change of direction to attack open lanes. Shows some patience when reading the LOS and can scan and find a running crease. Is able to compact his body and run with leverage to fit through condensed areas. His feet and eyes can work in sync well for his size and running style. Displays a head bob and jab step to move defenders off their point. He has solid reactionary quickness to know when to cut or attack.  He can bait a defender to a certain leverage with his running angle and then transition out to free space. Puts in extra work as a blocker (functional cut blocker) and can get inside placement and locks out his arms. Has shown that he can make plays on the ball as a pass catcher.

Weaknesses: Snell struggles to pull away from defenders with the ball in his hands. Has average linear and lateral burst. He does not consistently ID and take cut back lanes. He requires more perimeter quickness and needs to shift his path north-south quicker. Is an upright runner that can move tightly in his transitions. He is an inconsistent gap reader and can be late to notice opened running lanes. Not overly shifty. Needs to set his feet more as a blocker and can lead with his shoulder.

Overview and Insights: Benny Snell has marginal change of direction ability, above average vision, and good running power which projects to a one cut, change of pace RB. I think that he can be a solid, physical number 2 back in the league if he can develop his speed more.

Round Projection: 4th-5th

Ideal Fits: Eagles. Panthers, Bills

Pro Comparison: LeGarrette Blount

Scout: Taylor Moser