2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Devin Singletary

Picture Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Picture Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Name: Devin Singletary

Position: RB

School: Florida Atlantic

Listed Height: 5’7

Listed Weight: 203

Strengths: Singletary is bulked up through his frame with solid muscle tone. He has a real “nothing into something” capability that will make him a TD threat on every touch. Is a creative runner with a good assortment of stop-start moves, jump cuts, and jab steps. Is smooth in his movements with clean mobility and COD. His loose hips and light feet lead to direct cutting ability and elusiveness in his transitions. he displays coordinated footwork and good reactionary quickness from the mesh point to maneuver around pocket constricting defenders. Shows patience with lateral steps to create time for him to process lanes. Accelerates out of his stance and carries his speed into his steps to the entry point. Can outrun angling defenders in the first 2 levels of the defense due to his burst. Easily cuts back to beat the defense when he senses trouble and hits his top speed after he changes direction. Singletary is sudden to bounce out and turn downfield and always works to daylight.  Possesses good lateral quickness and burst. Baits tacklers well by flashing a run angle and cutting out once the defender commits. Has solid read and react ability while transitioning downfield and will locate running lanes in different blocking schemes. Can anticipate block timing, but is also capable of creating for himself outside of the structure of the block layout. Good secondary read ability to ID an angle of attack. Is a nasty runner that finishes on contact consistently because of his leverage and contact balance. Can utilize a stiff arm and other hand moves to clean his frame. Compacts his body to get through condensed holes. Competes at the engagement point as a blocker and works to pick up the blitz when he has to. Shows solid hands when targeted.

Weaknesses: Singletary does not have the ideal height or long speed of an NFL RB, but his tools outweigh his questions. He has a dangerous tendency to stop his feet or go backwards when behind the LOS. Gets himself in trouble by trying extra hard to juke and elude defenders. Can fail to land his placement inside and use his hands as a blocker. Points show up on tape where he cant turn on the burners to blaze past defenders in the back end.

Overview and Insights: Singletary is a special talent that seems to consistently create for himself or wiggle out of the tackle point to keep the play going. He has a chip on his shoulder and runs like he wants to put the ball in the endzone every play. His size and long speed may scare some teams away, but he has the pure ability to be a feature back and a difference maker on an offense.

Round Projection: 3rd-4th

Ideal Fits: Ravens, Raiders, Chiefs

Pro Comparison: LeSean McCoy

Scout: Taylor Moser