2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Darrell Henderson


Name: Darrell Henderson

Position: RB

School: Memphis

Listed Height: 5’8

Listed Weight:  208

Strengths: Henderson is a dynamic runner who puts extreme breakaway ability on tape. When scanning the block layout from behind the LOS, Henderson is decisive when he sees a gap formation and promptly repositions his weight and run angle. He has instant acceleration skills to blaze through slim gaps and carries his speed through his transitions. His feet move at a rapid pace, and his straight line and long speed are exceedingly difficult for defenders to angle on. When cutting away from defenders, he shows quality change of direction and enough mobility in hips so that he can smoothly weave away from tackle attempts.  He routinely baits defenders with subtle cuts and setups in his runs where he plants his foot and cuts out at the most opportune timing. He has enough short area agility to avoid defenders and shift to openings behind the line of scrimmage. He shows that he has the patience to allow pullers to get to their set point. He can display contact balance at the tackle point and keeps his momentum forward to fight for extra yardage.

Weaknesses: Henderson had a lot of gaps created for him by Memphis’ OL that won't form as easy in the NFL, while also having some inconsistencies with his reads. Points show up on tape where he takes some wasted steps in his attempt to shift upfield. Would benefit from lowered pads as a runner and more mass so that he can get over contact on a consistent basis. He has room to refine his route running and overall blocking ability.

Overview and Insights: Henderson is an explosive mover who possesses top level long speed. His game is based on running away from defenders and breaking one down the field and into the endzone. He is a little undersized at the moment, but should carve out a role as a dynamic runner in multiple schemes.

Round Projection: 2nd Round

Ideal Fits: Bears, Chiefs, Raiders, Bucs

Pro Comparison: Tevin Coleman

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser