2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Jawaan Taylor


Name: Jawaan Taylor

Position: OT

School: Florida

Listed Height: 6’5

Listed Weight: 312

Strengths: Jawaan Taylor has a long (35 ½ inch arms), yet broad frame with a stocky upper body and a well built lower half. He is a smart, cerebral football player who is coordinated in his sets which allows him to reach necessary set points on the lateral and vertical arc. On pass plays, he shows the eye discipline to identify end tackle stunts and pick them up accordingly. When asked to zone block, he gains ground with his first bucket step while driving his post hand and outside knee through the defender which creates lanes for entry. His 10 inch hands, and plus grip strength allows for sustaining blocks throughout the duration of the rep. He possesses a stout anchor, as his powerful lower half and core strength negates momentum of the rushing defender. His power is easily accessed due to his constant leg drive and hip uncoil upon contact which creates knock back. His balance during reps is deliberate, as his weight is balanced over his toes and not back on his heels. In his pass sets, he takes quick deliberate sets up the arc, and shows the ability to redirect and mirror 5 techniques and wide nines. His inside hand stuns in breaking counter moves, and his foot speed makes it challenging for ends to challenge him at the top of the arc. Possesses a nasty demeanor, and shows the willingness to finish blocks.

Weaknesses: When combating counter moves, he sometimes will rely on his length and strength to shove the defender off his inside path instead of power stepping into the line of scrimmage. That forces Taylor’s anchor to have to work overtime in order to not condense the pocket. Taylor’s strike on run downs is undisciplined in timing and placement. Defenders gain control of Taylor’s chest due to high and wide placement and late timing. Even though he gains ground on his first zone step, his toes aren’t always pointed towards his defender which negatively affects the angles he takes.

Overview and Insights: Jawaan Taylor is a prototypical RT with a high floor, yet significant developmental upside that should make him a staple on a teams offensive line for years to come. He offers intriguing physical tools, nimble feet, and the ability to consistently unlock power on run and pass downs. If he can develop discipline in his hands, Taylor offers All Pro Potential in his first few years in the league.

Round Projection: Top 15

Ideal Fits: Jacksonville, New York Jets, Minnesota, Buffalo

Pro Comparison: Trent Williams

Nathan Papandrea