2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Garrett Bradbury


Name: Garrett Bradbury

Position: Center

School: NC State

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 306

Strengths: Bradbury is a stocky center prospect that consistently uses his natural leverage and short area quickness to out maneuver his opponent at the point of attack. His hands are deliberately placed into the defenders chest early which establishes control and puts him in an advantageous position to win the rep. The early latch plus his strong grip strength ensures the lengthy sustain of his block until whistle. His exceptional lateral agility and intentional steps along the horizontal plane allow him to seamlessly reach 3 techniques and cut off 2i’s. He possesses admirable hip fluidity, as on reach blocks he can flip his hips to get square with the down lineman and seal a lane for the RB. When climbing to the second level, his plus movement skills and coordinated angles allow him to to strike LB’s from a stable platform and in good position to create movement. His impressive athleticism and nimble feet allow him to effectively mirror 0 techniques in short sets. He carries his hands cocked from above his rib cage and ready to strike which ensures sharp punch timing upon start of the short set. When uncovered on passing downs, his eyes are always up searching for contact or any defender entering his gap. His anchor has improved, as he can sink his weight and absorb power without the pocket condensing in an egregious manner. Bradbury can also execute long pulls at a high level, as his upfield quickness helps him effectively reach contact points.

Weaknesses: Bradbury can be a victim of leaning into contact on run and pass downs, which can diminish balance and access to power. As of now, he does not generate considerable knock back when drive blocking. To further access power, hip uncoiling upon contact, and consistent leg drive needs to be employed throughout the duration of the rep. He lacks considerable length and mass, as it falls short of NFL averages (31 ¼ inch arms).

Overview and Insights: Garrett Bradbury is a fluid, yet technically refined Center prospect with Day 1 starter potential. His athleticism, and movement skills ensure reliability in reaching the necessary contact points on zone blocks. He can mirror and redirect effectively due to quick, and deliberate steps in pass sets. The refinement, and athletic ability that is present here will make Bradbury not far from being at the upper echelon of the position.

Round Projection: Late 1st

Ideal Fits: Baltimore, LA Rams

Pro Comparison: Jason Kelce

Scout: Nathan Papandrea