2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Daniel Jones


Name: Daniel Jones

Position: QB

School: Duke

Listed Height: 6’5

Listed Weight:  221

Strengths: Daniel Jones possesses the prototype length, athletic ability, and flashes of smarts at the quarterback position, while also having exposure to pro style drop footwork.  He is a rhythm passer who thrives off of a combination of quick routes and timing throws. Blends of anticipation appear on his tape so that he can connect with receivers outside the range of a condensed coverage spot. Jones has shown that he can find open creases in zone and complete passes to that area. When he aligns his lower body to his target and rotates through his hips, Jones is able to effectively place the ball with touch and layering aptness. While aiming his ball to short-intermediate level routes, he can string multiple completions together with on-schedule timing. Because of his utilization style set in place by the Duke coaching staff, Jones can work through progressions while showing that he can read at a quick pace. He has active feet to reach his set point and altered throw points in a prompt manner. He delivers the ball down the field vs pressure and can remain in his release vs a hit. He is mobile and elusive in the pocket, and makes subtle lateral and linear shifts to avoid rushers. When Jones is on the move, he can read the field outside of the structure.

Weaknesses: Jones does not have a protective build to fend off hits and reduce injury chances, so he will need to add another layer of muscle as he enters the league. He unhands the ball with basic speed in his motion, and lacks the arm strength to carry velocity on vertical routes, deep outs on the opposite hash, or tight window throws. On deep strikes, he can situate his throws along the vertical plane with too much arc, which causes an over-fire or impacts the hang time of the ball enough to give up turnover opportunities. He telegraphs passes due to locking onto his primary read and an extended sight of his receivers as they move through the top of their route. As a decision maker, he can force throws into dangerously compact windows instead of taking a safer option. Jones has inconsistent backside feel, and can fail to throw the ball away when he is in an inescapable situation within his location in the pocket construction.

Overview and insights: Daniel Jones is a very rhythmic thrower who can showcase sufficient touch, timing, and anticipation to positively impact his accuracy. While he has shown that he can be an apt passer, there is a wide variance in his success rate due to inconsistent decision making and a lack of arm strength. Jones has also made it apparent that he is a mobile passer who can avoid defenders and function off of movement. Overall, Duke’s offensive personnel was not the best support system for his skill set, but as a pro prospect, Jones projects as an average starter who will struggle to create large amounts of production due to the limitations presented by his arm strength and overall inconsistencies. His success will come off of throws quickly aimed to short-intermediate route depths.

Round Projection: 1st

Ideal Fits: Giants, Bengals, Patriots, Redskins

Pro Comparison: Ryan Tannehill

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser