2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Christian Wilkins


Name: Christian Wilkins

Position: DT

School: Clemson

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 312

Strengths: Wilkins offers a prototypical NFL frame full of the necessary thickness and muscle mass needed to hold up on the interior. He is a twitchy, upfield penetrating 3 tech with refinement in his hands and a hot motor that runs rampant down by down. After the snap, he comes out of his hips and locks out into the chest of the OL with considerable power. He plays with an impressive understanding of leverage points, which allows him to maintain control throughout the duration of the rep. Wilkins offers the ankle flexion, and hip fluidity to change directions and contort through tight spaces, and maneuverable gaps. The ability to flip his hips and corner allows him to challenge guards and tackles at there corners at the top of the arc and cross there inside shoulder on an inside counter. He can split weak double teams by dropping his outside knee and get skinny through the OL gap between there hips. The quick twitch movements in his upper and lower limbs make him a top level athlete that can overwhelm athletically limited players on the offensive interior. He is known to be a player of exceptionally high character, and one who embodies impressive leadership qualities.

Weaknesses: Wilkins anchor can become more stout if core strength and functional power in his legs can be increased. He often can be reached due to late processing and overall lack of awareness. He is more effective playing runs from the back side, as his ability on the front side to stack and shed blocks with refinement is often lacking.

Overview and Insights: Christian Wilkins is a penetrating upfield 3 technique with the fluidity in his frame to contort and split gaps to create constant disruption. His athletic ability, and overall leadership qualities ensure that there is a base to work with when drafted. He is known to be high character, and he will offer an incredible locker room presence. Wilkins has the potential to be quite disruptive if is hands can be refined, and functional strength can be added.

Round Projection: 1st

Ideal Fits: Chargers, Bills

Scout: Nathan Papandrea

Nathan Papandrea