2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: David Montgomery


Name: David Montgomery

Position: RB

School: Iowa State

Listed Height: 5’10

Listed Weight:  222

Strengths:  Montgomery is an extremely well built runner with both bulldozing power and foot lightness. He uses a pad droppage, knee bend, and foot drive to keep his momentum forward on contact, while being able to stiff arm to make it difficult for defenders to finish him off. He keeps a balanced base and runs with contact balance to stay upright. He is quicker than fast, but has marginal bursts of acceleration to reach the second level. Montgomery is adept at feeling pressure, as he shows the reactionary quickness to shift his range and angle away from defenders with easy cutting ability. His changes of direction are extremely smooth and are performed on time. Behind the LOS, he is patent and instinctive, while being able to see the structure well. His power and creativeness as a runner allows him to fight back to the line vs high amounts of penetration.  Montgomery is also a versed receiver who can run direct routes and finish on the ball with natural hands. He has the willingness i look for as a blocker and can sustain until the whistle.

Weaknesses: Montgomery is not a very speedy back, and can struggle to work away from defenders when aiming his run to the edges. His vision is solid overall, but he can miss some cuts and not fit into some lanes. Some hip tightness can appear in his turns because of his thickness.

Overview and Insights: Due to his aggressiveness and intent on finishing plays, Montgomery is a consistent yardage gainer on run downs, while also having the vision and change of direction ability to reach openings. He does not flash explosive athleticism, but Montgomery has the ability to be a clear cut top option at the running back position due to his overall versatility as a runner, receiver, and blocker. He will have an instant impact in the league as a more power based runner, and would fit perfectly as a complementary piece to a more explosive back.                         

Round Projection: 2nd

Ideal Fits: Bears, Raiders, Bucs

Pro Comparison: Devonta Freeman

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser