2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Erik McCoy

Name: Eric McCoy

Position: OC

School: Texas A&M

Listed Height: 6’4

Listed Weight: 303

Strengths: McCoy packs a girth filled frame with a defined upper body and a thick lower half. He excels as a move blocker due to plus spacial awareness,  coordinated footwork, and fluidity in his lower half. His hands offer enough power to disorient the DL upon contact, and his strong base creates considerable knockback in the run game. McCoy’s short sets are disciplined, and deliberate as his steps ensure square positioning to the rush defender. He possesses a powerful anchor, as he can drop his hips, uncoil, and absorb and match power without condensing the pocket. His hips can flip after contact to wall of the interior DL to try and create an interior gap that can be entered by the RB. He performed considerably well against Clemson, and Alabama which have 2 of the best fronts in the country. McCoy is also intentional in fitting his hands on lateral reach blocks in order to establish control from a moving platform. Punches in pass protection with discipline, and exceptional timing.

Weaknesses: His lack of considerable grip strength and length inhibits his ability to sustain his latch throughout the duration of the play. When pulling, he needs to be more deliberate in his angles in order to reach the necessary contact points in a more consistent manner. On reps where he is uncovered, he overextends in his search for contact due to his lack of length.

Overview and Insights: McCoy is an NFL ready C prospect that plays with considerable power and plus spatial mobility. His frame translates well to the NFL level, and he should be a staple at the C or G position for years.

Round Projection: Early 2nd

Scout: Nathan Papandrea

Nathan Papandrea