2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Irv Smith Jr.


Name: Irv Smith Jr

Position: TE

School: Alabama

Listed Height: 6’3

Listed Weight: 245

Strengths: Irv Smith is an athletic, tough TE prospect with impressive ball tracking ability, and all around ball skills. His hands are consistently reliable, and he shows the capability to extend away from his body to make catches that can be deemed considerably strenuous. Smith possesses natural fluidity in his hips, which equates to sharp change of direction ability and considerable separation in his routes that require a cut on the horizontal axis. He is deft and deliberate in searching for open gaps in a multitude of zone defensive schemes in hopes of making a play. His plus athleticism can challenge safeties and linebackers on the vertical plane which gives him considerable effectiveness in seam busting routes. Smith also possesses alignment versatility, as his technical advancements as a blocker and play making capabilities give him a high ceiling in a slot, in line, or H back roll. As a blocker, he plays with considerable refinement and leg drive upon contact. His hands are fitted inside, and he shows an effort to replace when necessary. He is adept at understanding the necessary leverage points needed to outmaneuver a DE and match power at the POA. After the catch, he showcases deceptive elusiveness and field vision in the open field which equates to big play capability on non vertical routes. He plays with exceptional body control upon contact, as he is rarely knocked off platform when his route is impeded upon in a physical manner.

Weaknesses: Smith needs development in throttling down at a more rapid pace to ensure more suddenness in his attempts to create maneuverable space. He often invites contact at the top of, or in the intermediate part of the route when his change of direction ability and fluidity can make it be avoided. His skill set does not involve 50/50 balls. He needs to lengthen his stride in order to more effectively stack coverage.

Overview and Insights: Irv Smith is an intriguing play maker with the ability to stretch the field as a intermediate and vertical threat. He shows refinement as an in line blocker, and that will ensure his ability to thrive in multiple alignments in the league. There are still some nuances that need to be pushed forth, however he offers play making capabilities and will help an offense early in his career.

Round Projection: Mid 2nd

Ideal Fits: New England, Tennessee, Detroit

Pro Comparison: Delanie Walker

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