2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Max Scharping


Name: Max Scharping

Position: OT

School: Northern Illinois

Listed Height: 6’6

Listed Weight: 326

Strengths: Scharping is a tall, yet thick physical specimen with well proportioned mass in his upper and lower body. After the snap, he explodes out of his stance and gains considerable ground up the arc due to a rapidness in his vertical set. He exceeds the expected athleticism for someone of his stature as his size, functional strength, and athletic ability creates a vastly intriguing set of traits. The quick feet employed throughout his sets ensures an ability to mirror in breaking and outbreaking movements from the opposer. The depth of his kick step varies depending on what the defender sells on that down. He can compensate for speed, while also being able to match less twitched rushers that attempt to win with power. Scharping’s punch is filled with enough brute force to stun and disorient the defender and negate momentum of his movements. When his hands get unlatched from the defenders chest, he shows the awareness to relentlessly get refitted to ensure necessary control. His hands are carried from well above his hips, and his punch is compact and done with tight elbows and his thumbs up. Scharping possesses nearly overwhelming functional power, which equates to an exceptional anchor and considerable movement in the run game. When anchoring, his knees are bent, his hips sink, and his back is angular yet tilted in a vertical manner which is proper posture. He has a strong inside hand which can encourage defenders to take an outside path.

Weaknesses: Scharpings overall posture upon contact initiation needs to be fixed. His head at times can follow his hands, which leads to an overall postural deficiency and overextension. He at times can overset to speed, which makes his length or lack thereof have to produce over time to impede the rush path. At times, his sets can become more of a vertical retreat rather than disciplined kicks that are executed with coordination. He needs to emphasize uncoiling his hips upon contact when drive blocking, as that can unlock more of his functional power that lies in his thick lower body. He does need refinement in technique, however he does possess the necessary traits to develop in these areas.

Overview and Insights: Scharping is an intriguing tackle prospect that checks all boxes when it comes to examining the NFL prototype for the position. He is thick, strong, and is an exceptional athlete for someone of that mass. His potential ceiling is supremely high, and he does do a lot of things quite well. With further development, Scharping can be a quality starting LT within the first few years of his career.

Round Projection: Late 3rd

Pro Comparison: Matt Kalil

Scout: Nathan Papandrea

Nathan Papandrea